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Embrace change - new report highlights need to adapt

Barloworld Logistics' 12th annual supplychainforesight report has drawn attention to the rapid pace of change that is transforming businesses at every level...

23 Mar 2015 08:40

Something foul is afoot with the Cape bees

The South African bee industry is facing an outbreak of the devastating American foul breed disease (AFB) and need to get the structures in place to deal with this impending epidemic...

20 Mar 2015 15:12

Clover races to meet demand for yoghurt

Clover Industries, which started making yoghurts and custards this year, will spend R65m on installing another yoghurt production line because the one it bought from DairyBelle has run out of capacity two years earlier than expected...

By Nick Hedley 20 Mar 2015 07:53

Some food for thought on the future of food

Currently many 'what if' questions are being asked about food, the economy and unemployment. What if there is not enough maize? What if we have another drought next year? What if...?

By Dawie Maree 18 Mar 2015 11:59

MEC wants IDZs to step up agro-processing

The Eastern Cape industrial zone could learn from the prominent role agriculture plays at the Dube Trade Port in KwaZulu-Natal, Agriculture MEC Mlibo Qoboshiyane said on Wednesday, 11 March...

16 Mar 2015 11:35

Putting people first - the key to supply chain success

A South African success story proves that focusing on relationships with people in developing healthy partnerships works better than simply spending more on processes and upgrading technology...

13 Mar 2015 11:45

New study shows dawning of segmentation strategies

A new JDA study has found that manufacturers and retailers recognise that their global supply chains have become complex, yet most still rely on outdated tools and ineffective processes to manage complicated end-to-end value chains...

4 Mar 2015 15:52

Drought seen cutting 2015 maize output: survey

South African maize output is expected to be lower this year‚ according to a BDpro survey of traders‚ citing the drought conditions in the Free State and North West...

26 Feb 2015 09:50

Drought conditions could result in 30% rise in food prices

Continued dry weather could lead to substantial increases in food prices over the next 12 months, the executive committee of Grain SA said in a statement.

9 Feb 2015 08:15

Collaboration - the future of supply chain

To remain relevant in today's increasingly competitive and dynamic markets, and to extract maximum value from operational environments, organisations should move towards a 'collaborative' supply chain model - powered by the latest technological innovations...

By Jaco Barnard 2 Feb 2015 11:58

Adaption and evolution are key when creating resilient supply chains in Africa

Business decision-makers should be asking themselves how they can respond quickly to fast-changing customer demand, how they can contain or reduce escalating costs and how they can enter emerging markets without substantially increasing their risk...

16 Jan 2015 12:44

Wool market weakens by 2.6%

The wool market put up a dismal performance at the first sale after the Christmas recess and the Cape Wools Merino indicator shed 2,6% compared to the closing sale of the previous season to close at R107,93/kg (clean)...

15 Jan 2015 10:00

Chicken imports may rise as duty lapses

Preliminary antidumping duties against imports of frozen bone-in chicken from three of SA's trading partners in the European Union have lapsed in the new year, opening the way for increased inflows...

By Amanda Visser 9 Jan 2015 14:35

Rhodes Food to buy fruit juice firm Pacmar

Rhodes Food Group said yesterday, 7 January 2015, it would buy a Western Cape fruit juice business for R165m, its first major acquisition...

By Nick Hedley 8 Jan 2015 12:49

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