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'Back of the card' puts mobile security front of mind

Fears of 'card not present' fraud (hello, online and mobile shopping) may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to Gemalto's dynamic CVV code display...

By Leigh Andrews 24 Mar 2015 14:00

Car-shopping tips when going off-road to online

No matter what they are buying online, internet users are cautioned to be vigilant. Online shoppers are exposed to a number of threats, from simple malware designed to steal personal information from their computers, to advanced online scams...

20 Mar 2015 15:53

Jamming was to stop drones, says Mahlobo

State Security Minister David Mahlobo this week insisted that the jamming device used in Parliament during the state of the nation address was designed to stop the operation of drones in parliamentary air space, and prevent cellphones being used as triggers for explosive devices.

18 Mar 2015 07:14

Large or small - whistle blowing remains the best call for business

Small companies are both disproportionately victimised by fraud and significantly under-protected by anti-fraud controls, a combination that could easily put them out of business...

10 Mar 2015 14:13

Coping under fire

Janine Lazarus, founder and owner of Janine Lazarus media consultancy was a journalist for 31 years, and has worked across the board from newspapers to radio...

By Danette Breitenbach 3 Mar 2015 11:42

POPI - to Act or not to Act? That is the question...

Fifteen months after the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) was signed in Parliament (November 2013), there is still no official indication of when it will be fully enforced...

By Alison Treadaway, Issued by Striata SA 2 Mar 2015 11:29

Consumer protection - The future of mobile prize promotions

Brand fails seem almost "old school" in 2015 as consumers are savvier and brands and agencies pay more attention to getting it right the first time around...

By Alan Haarhoff, Issued by Mobile Marketing Association 20 Feb 2015 10:22

How to protect your business from fraud

Banks, regulators, security experts and law enforcement authorities continue to explore various measures to protect businesses from fraudulent activities, which continue to multiply. However, there are tips that can assist businesses...

9 Feb 2015 11:43

Public liability cover at malls needs to be assessed carefully

The growing number of mall robberies and shootings raises the issue of who is liable - the property owners, shopkeepers or the security companies - to cover the costs of injuries and damages...

3 Feb 2015 11:09

MasterCard has master plan for security and online protection

Industry experts, local financial institutions and merchant representatives discussed international and South African trends in fraud detection and prevention at a fraud and processing workshop...

30 Jan 2015 16:00

Load shedding to continue

Eskom says load shedding will continue today...

27 Jan 2015 11:57

Key to successful fraud detection lies with retailer awareness

As retailers count the cost of credit card fraud after the holiday season, payment services provider PayGate says the New Year is an excellent time for e-commerce businesses to improve their protection...

26 Jan 2015 14:23

Email scam nets $214m in 14 months: FBI

WASHINGTON, US: An email scam, which targets businesses with bogus invoices, has netted more than $214m from victims in 45 countries in just over one year...

23 Jan 2015 10:33

Tips on how to protect your business earnings

For cash-handling micro, small or medium businesses, the consequences of robberies are as obvious as they are often deadly; they can easily bring companies to their knees...

20 Jan 2015 13:55

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