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Survey finds that the growth in retail sales volumes is expected to remain lacklustre

Results from the latest EY/Bureau for Economic Research (BER) Retail survey suggest that the growth in retail sales volumes was similar, if not slightly slower, during 2015Q2 compared to 2015Q1...

25 Jun 2015 09:25

Food and beverages industry income up 8.1% quarter on quarter in April

Total income in the food and beverage industry increased 8.1% in the three months ended April 2015 compared with the three months ended April 2014, Stats SA said on Monday...

23 Jun 2015 07:45

Behind the curve: SA's maize industry woes

According to Insight Survey's latest Carbohydrate Landscape Report the increased global maize production trend has been unable to gain traction in South Africa due to adverse local weather conditions...

Issued by Insight Survey 22 Jun 2015 10:25

Dad wants your time for Father's Day

It's not about the soap, or the socks it seems - it's about making an effort to do something a little different to show dad you care this Father's Day, according to the results of Pick n Pay's annual Father's Day survey...

19 Jun 2015 11:10

Research finds that smartphone users want apps, not help desks

A comprehensive study of smartphone users has found that consumers prefer to avoid dealing with service provider help desks, and that there is growing evidence of a preference for...

19 Jun 2015 10:30

SA April retail trade sales up 3.4% y/y vs 2.5% y/y rise in March

Growth in retail trade sales increased much more than expected in April, despite load shedding and deteriorating consumer confidence...

18 Jun 2015 12:20

Unlocking customer equity with valuable content

Since when did advertising ever retain customers? The age of intrusion has conditioned marketers into believing that bombarding consumers with annoying, pushy and often irrelevant messages will create the promise of healthy sales...

By Scott Cundill 15 Jun 2015 13:53

Research indicates shift in rules of procurement is hampered by tender policy

Prior to his Executive Insights into Negotiations in Supply Chain Management workshop to be held at the SBL on 2 and 3 July 2015, Professor Douglas Boateng of the UNISA Graduate School of Business Leadership provides some research-based insight into the rules of procurement...

12 Jun 2015 10:35

Men forge ahead in mobile shopping

A recent mobile shopping survey, run by online retailer, reveals South African men are following the international trend of shopping more via their mobile phones than their female counterparts (73% vs 67%)...

10 Jun 2015 09:45

Online is changing real estate advertising landscape

Consumer buying patterns are constantly evolving, particularly the manner in which people are looking to buy homes, as the internet has revolutionised the way homebuyers view and search for property...

9 Jun 2015 11:22

'Dependency' is the trend in South Africa's rice industry

Insight Survey's latest Carbohydrate Landscape Report comprises extensive primary research in order to ascertain and provide detailed insight into this state of 'dependency', and its impact on domestic market dynamics...

Issued by Insight Survey 8 Jun 2015 10:08

African markets emerge on global retail development index

The 2015 Global Retail Development Index (GRDI), published by AT Kearney, places three sub-Saharan countries in the top 30 - Botswana #18, Nigeria #23 and Angola #30...

3 Jun 2015 15:05

New report indicates mobile showrooming may encourage sales

If, as a retailer, you have spent the last few years losing sleep over showrooming, then the results of the latest TNS Global study might be a surprise...

3 Jun 2015 11:11

Township shoppers feeling that Kasi convenience

Many township consumers do not always have access to transport, so successful brands ensure that consumers have easy access to products, whether it is in a formal retailer or at an informal Spaza shop down the road...

27 May 2015 15:09

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