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Relief for retailers as consumer pressure lifts

The worst seems to be over for SA's retailers as the recovery in strike-affected incomes and substantially lower fuel prices suggest a continued improvement in consumer spending during the second quarter...

By Zeenat Moorad 26 Mar 2015 16:09

High performance customer experience management

The ultimate result of today's many business challenges is that it is more important now than ever that companies know their customers better...

25 Mar 2015 14:37

Trends in South African meat market

According to the Euromonitor International category report of September 2014, as the average income in South Africa has risen steadily, meat consumption levels in the country have skyrocketed over the past two decades...

24 Mar 2015 15:41

Poultry most popular meat in the world

The global meat market saw 3% volume sales growth in 2014 to reach 225 million tons, driven by growing demand in emerging markets. This is according new market research on the global fresh food industry from Euromonitor International...

24 Mar 2015 14:06

Motor trade sales decreased by 2.3% y/y in January

Motor trade sales (measured in nominal terms and current prices) decreased by 2.3% year on year (y/y) in January 2015‚ Statistics SA reported on Thursday, 19 March 2015...

20 Mar 2015 16:20

Wholesale trade sales down 7% y/y in January

Wholesale trade sales decreased by 7% year on year (y/y) in January 2015‚ Statistics SA data showed on Thursday, 19 March 2015...

19 Mar 2015 15:28

SA January retail trade sales up 1.7% y/y

Retail trade sales slowed more sharply than expected in January 2015 compared with a year ago‚ Statistics SA data showed on Wednesday, 18 March 2015...

By Colleen Goko 18 Mar 2015 16:08

Nigeria among 20 fastest growing economies

According to latest survey released by New York based financial newswire service, Bloomberg, Africa's largest economy Nigeria has been ranked among 20 fastest growing economies in the world...

16 Mar 2015 10:19

SA Jan manufacturing production down 2.3% y/y

Manufacturing production fell in January due to lower production in various divisions...

13 Mar 2015 16:22

To succeed in Africa, look at its retail data

It turns out that soaring gross domestic product, population and governance alone are not enough to predict brand success in Africa...

By Zeenat Moorad 12 Mar 2015 14:08

Demographics and their role in consumer behaviour

Customers influence generally comes from a series of issues when making purchasing decisions. This is true across the globe, and as such, the sub-Saharan Africa consumer is no different...

11 Mar 2015 16:12

Factors driving demand for UHT milk in Africa

UHT milk sales by volume garnered 53% of market share in 2013, outstripping demand for chilled milk for the first time in South Africa...

By Penny Ntuli 11 Mar 2015 13:55

Female millennials are the most confident and ambitious of any female generation

New PwC survey dispels myths about women and work...

5 Mar 2015 09:17

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