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Township shoppers feeling that Kasi convenience

Many township consumers do not always have access to transport, so successful brands ensure that consumers have easy access to products, whether it is in a formal retailer or at an informal Spaza shop down the road...

27 May 2015 15:09

Is SA's 'low-carb' hype starving carb sales?

Amidst a backdrop of fiercely polarised opinions, it appears to be the burgeoning throng of ardent 'Banting' disciples that are eclipsing the minority of sceptical naysayers who dare to question the diet...

Issued by Insight Survey 27 May 2015 12:12

Brazil's growth on a shallow BRICS road

Euromonitor International's latest e-book evaluates how the Brazilian income growth, combined with an expansionary monetary policy and poor productivity, has contributed to a deterioration of the country's purchasing power...

26 May 2015 13:01

SA grocery shoppers ripe for the picking across an array of digital channels

South Africa's burgeoning connected commerce era means that consumers are no longer shopping entirely online or offline but rather taking a blended approach, using whatever channel best suits their needs.

Issued by Nielsen 18 May 2015 11:35

Taking a look at alcohol consumption in 2014

The global total volume growth of alcohol remains subdued for a second year running with results showing it at 0.8% for 2014, putting it in the top three lowest of the past decade...

14 May 2015 15:26

Back to their roots

Family is what the youth cannot live without. This is one of the key findings of the Sunday Times Generation Next Study. This was in response to the question about what things respondents cannot live without...

By Danette Breitenbach 14 May 2015 08:38

Grocery shopping in South Africa has moved off the floor

One of the key findings of the Nielsen Future of Grocery Report reveals that South Africa's burgeoning connected commerce era means that consumers are no longer shopping entirely online or offline but rather taking a blended approach...

13 May 2015 14:13

Generation Next provides insight on SA's 'coolest' brands

At the recent Sunday Times Generation Next Survey Awards, the youth of South Africa voted for its 'coolest brands'. The big winner of the awards night was Nike...

12 May 2015 08:58

FNB/BER consumer confidence index slumps back

South African consumer sentiment deteriorated notably during the first quarter of 2015...

7 May 2015 07:26

Mass consumer market citizens will be seniors by 2030

Euromonitor International has released a new white paper on the 'Opportunities and Challenges in Targeting the Senior Consumer', a lucrative market to explore...

6 May 2015 15:36

The who, what and why of Mother's Day

As many South Africans get ready to spoil Mom on 10 May 2015, Mother's Day, Pick n Pay conducted an online poll to find out a bit more about the importance its customers place on the day...

5 May 2015 14:18

ROI and its relationship to price - Kasi Star Brands survey

Further results from Ask Africa's recent Kasi Star Brands survey indicate how return on investment (ROI) is calculated in townships and what relationship this has to price...

5 May 2015 08:04

Millennials not likely to use a company's products or services after a poor experience, report finds

According to Oracle's global report, Millennials and mobility: how businesses can tap into the app generation, nearly 55% of millennials say a poor mobile app experience would make them less likely to use a company's products or services...

30 Apr 2015 11:40

More insights from Kasi Star Brands survey

Ask Afrika's Kasi Star Brands survey, which measure township specific brand usage across 163 categories, reveals the connection between economic hierarchy and alignment to traditional customs...

29 Apr 2015 06:04

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