8 May 2012



High marks at the movies

This week we bring you a review of the new flexy Opel Meriva, and the latest Renault Megane, by our very own petrol head Henrie Geyser.

Coriolanus, The Raven, and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen all receive high marks by cinema buff Daniel Dercksen.

On the auditory side of things we interview both the recently reunited Fetish and rockabilly swing band Peachy Keen. Marcello Adams gets his drum & bass on with international act Drumsound & Bassline Smith at Mercury this past Friday and Johann Smith witnesses the birth and death of a generation at the Vanfokkingtasties acoustic show at Hillcrest Winefarm.

On the winning side of things we have two tickets for Peachy Keen's EP launch at Mercury this weekend to give away, so enter now!

Ruth Cooper, production manager

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Food & Wine

Winning entries for 2013 Wine Laid Bare calendar announced
The winning entries for the fourth annual Wine Laid Bare charity photo competition have been revealed at The Wine Show Joburg. The calendar portrays South Africans who were willing to bare it all in aid of breast cancer awareness. Read more >>


It's pretty, it's practical, it's fast 'n flexy... It's the new Meriva
[Henrie Geyser: motoring editor] Opel has just moved into the Number One slot in the small MPV class with its neat and extremely practical Meriva - in spite of little barbed arrows such as "perambulating toilet" and "mobile wardrobe" being fired at it, more in jest (and a tad of envy, methinks) than in serious slander. Read more >>

Beaucoup bling for the buck
[Henrie Geyser: motoring editor] Potential buyers who fancy cars that look trendy and sporty might like to consider adding the latest Renault Megane1.4-litre GT-Line coupé to their test-drive bucket list because not only is it a real fun-to-drive, head-turning cutie but it's also remarkably well kitted out and has price-tag numbers of way below credit card meltdown. Read more >>


Bloody Coriolanus
[Daniel Dercksen] In the hands of the perfect executors, Shakespeare can be lethal. With Coriolanus, actor and director Ralph Fiennes and screenwriter John Logan (Gladiator) stir up a mean potion as they bring one of Shakespeare's most fierce and dangerous warlords to the big screen in all his bloody glory! Read more >>

The Raven is chilling
[Daniel Dercksen] If Edgar Allan Poe was alive today, the inspired gothic thriller The Raven is the kind of film he would write. Just as Poe's tales were sensational page turners and garnered thousands of new readers with each story, Australian director James McTeigue delivers an equally commanding scene turner that guarantees to keep you on the edge of your seat. Read more >>

Gone Salmon Fishing
[Daniel Dercksen] For those who might think that fishing is tedious, the utterly enjoyable and charming British film Salmon Fishing In The Yemen is guaranteed not only to change your opinion about our scaly friends, but also to transform your views on life, love and unrequited dreams. Read more >>


Drumsound & Bassline Smith from the one-man crowd
[Marcello-Calvin Adams] You can't mention drum 'n bass without thinking of Drumsound & Bassline Smith, or you can but they should be your first thought as they've pioneered the DnB era. Luckily for me, I got a "hook up" to see them perform this weekend past. In all honesty, I was a bit out of the loop with their music as of late, but I took it as a fresh start (I blame my job, even though I love it). Read more >>

Backseat Peachy Keen bingo
[Ruth Cooper] 1950s' throwback rockabilly swing band Peachy Keen certainly live up to their name. It's impossible not to feel a happy stirring in your soul and feet when experiencing this band live. Luckily, if you have yet to experience this rockabilly stir you can do so at their EP launch this Friday at Mercury Live. We chat to singer/rhythm guitarist powerhouse Dominique Otto about what we can expect from the launch (sounds like it's going to be a cracker), new EP "Backseat Bingo" and about not getting lost in translation. Read more >>

The beginning and end of a generation
[Johann Smith] On 27 April post-apartheid became 18 and South Africa celebrated with a noticeable lack of events recognising the importance of this date. Starting at the long weekend, the patriotic punter had the option of seeing The Wailers at a concert supporting rhinos; a Simon and Garfunkel tribute at Dorpstraat; or indulging in some ankle shaking at Assembly's Discoteque. No doubt, many would agree, if you were so inclined, it would have to have been Vanfokkingtasties at Hillcrest Winefarm on 26 April. Read more >>


Cabinet approves Afcon, announces host cities
[Nthambeleni Gabara] PRETORIA: Cabinet has given the nod to South Africa hosting the 2013 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) and the 2014 African Nations Championships (CHAN) and has announced the cities that will host these tournaments. Read more >>

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