3 Apr 2012



Spoilt for choice

A frequent lament among South Africans is that sometimes there is just much too much good stuff happening in our cities - too many worthy parties and festivals that can't all be attended. Aren't we the lucky ones...

This past weekend was no exception; the Toffie Pop Festival, the first Electronic Music Festival, the International Jazz Festival, K-Day, and Avicii all went down over the weekend in Cape Town. We report back on some of these great events.

We also review three very different albums - The Sick Leaves second offering Break Away, as well as the second offering from Spoek Mathambo; Father Creeper, and Bouwer Bosch's debut album Almal Maak Voute.

In theatre news we bring you two reviews of controversial dance production Dansmettieduiwels. We also look at the latest releases on the silver screen including the not particularly well-received Wrath of the Titans, and subtle disaster movie Melancholia.

On the automotive side of things, Henrie Geyser reviews the cute, cool, and connected Mercedes-Benz B-Class.

We also have a whole bunch of giveaways running; EFC, Taste of Cape Town, Parlotones, It Came from the Jungle, and Kaktus Op Die Vlaktes tickets are all up for grabs. Something strike your fancy? Enter on our Win page.

Happy long Easter weekend, here's to choosing the best party path!

Ruth Cooper, production manager

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B gets A for cute, cool, and connected
[Henrie Geyser: motoring editor] Mercedes-Benz has fed its chubby B-Class a good dose of pep tablets, sent it to the gym and then handed it over to a team of clever high-tech wizards and make-up artists who between them came up with a much rejuvenated car the German car maker calls a Compact Sport Tourer. Read more >>


Tourism conference: Looking to take Cape Town from good to great
The 7th Annual Cape Town and Western Cape Destination Conference got underway on Tuesday 27 March at The Pavilion Conference Centre, V&A Waterfront. This year's Conference was focused on the opportunities that cultural tourism presents and particularly how Cape Town and the Western Cape can utilise this element of tourism to elevate its global profile. Read more >>

SA VIP airport lounge voted best in Africa and Middle East
A South African VIP airport lounge, the Shongololo Lounge at OR Tambo International Airport, has been voted the best lounge in the Africa/Middle East region. The award comes as South Africa's tourist offerings continue to harvest the world's top accolades. Read more >>


Calm disaster in Melancholia
[Eugene Yiga] The Mayans were right: 2012 is the year that the world will end. But how? It turns out that a planet called Melancholia has been hiding behind the sun and is about to make its debut. Scientists think it will simply pass by Earth, the way that it passed by Mercury and Venus. But it could also come a little closer than we'd like, pretty much killing us all. Read more >>

Exhilarating eye candy in Wrath Of The Titans
[Daniel Dercksen] Sometimes film-goers just want to have fun. This is when filmmakers wittingly respond and take out all their toys, showing off their skill and awesomeness with visual extravaganzas like Wrath Of The Titans. Read more >>


Avicii brought thunder
[Justin Williams] If you can excuse the pun, Avicii really did bring the thunder to Thunder City for the Cape Town leg of his 2012 South African tour. Read more >>

K-day - once was not enough
[Jordan Scott] Once a year is definitely not enough! The first thing that needs to be said is a huge thank you to KFM and Sanlam for organising a day to be enjoyed by four-year-olds to 50-year-olds and everyone in-between. One may think that having some 13 500 people in one place would be chaotic, uncomfortable and simply irritating, but Kday was everything but that. Everything was laid out in the simplest of ways and the organisation was phenomenal. Read more >>

All that Jazz
[Daphne Cooper] Lucky 13 for me! The first time I've been to the Jazz Festival and I felt so fortunate to be one of the throng. What a buzz. What a crowd. What brilliant music. How beautifully and well organised by the Convention Centre. With five venues, a comprehensive review is impossible, but here are some of my sketchy impressions. Read more >>


The crime of the century
[Johann Smith] Despite the rain, the majority of the audience stood outside smoking and drinking, trying hard to figure out what to make of Dansmettieduiwels. But for us here tonight, there are several opposing views that will never meet. God only knows. Or rather: only God knows. Read more >>

Devilish intervention
[Debbie Hathway] If there's one thing you can be sure of when it comes to contemporary dance, it's that you don't quite know what you're going to get. So, if you're already accustomed to, if not a fan of, the genre and you have the opportunity to see new work, you've got to bank on the reputation of the choreographers - just as they're banking on you to back them at the box office. Read more >>

SA Fashion Week Opening Party


Crackdown on illegal liquor sales
Western Cape will clamp down on illegal liquor sales, says finance, economic development and tourism MEC Alan Winde. Read more >>

Western Cape tolls shelved: Cronin
The government has shelved plans to toll Western Cape highways, it was reported on Wednesday. Read more >>

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