28 Feb 2012



#WINNING at the Oscars, and on the green front

Filmic masterpiece The Artist killed it at the Oscars this year scooping up a whopping five awards. Daniel Derksen waxes complimentary; this is one must-see film.

Sindy Peters joins the Treevolution with Greenpop, a green initiative that aims to plant over 5000 trees in Zambia this July, while in other news, I report back on the Lanka Challenge doci, 3 Wheels. The Lanka Challenge contributes to charities and green initiatives in Sri Lanka.

On the automotive front, Henrie Geyser reviews the super little cruiser drop-top Golf Cabriolet.

Johann Smith finds the my/epic/vice self-released debut album lacking a certain devilish punch. Three more international artists are announced for the Cape Jazz Fest, and the six local support acts are announced for the Hansa Festival of Legends featuring Usher.

Have a happy entertainment week further!

Ruth Cooper, production manager

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Drop-top Golf poses and performs
[Henrie Geyser: motoring editor] Volkswagen's keenly awaited Golf Cabriolet has finally arrived on the showroom floors of local dealers after it caused quite a stir when it was shown at the Johannesburg International Motor Show in October last year - and it was well worth the wait because this is a super little cruiser, keen to pose and to perform. Read more >>



Velvet Sky grounded
According to a News24 report, Velvet sky has suspended all its flights until 5 March. Read more >>

Join the "treevolution", Greenpop heads for Zambia
[Sindy Peters] Founded by Misha Teasdale, Lauren O'Donnell and Jeremy Hewitt (aka Jeremy Loops), Greenpop has launched Trees for Zambia, an initiative that aims to combat the high deforestation rate in Zambia. With its volunteers, Greenpop plans to plant more than 5000 trees in Livingstone during July 2012. Zambia has the second highest deforestation rate in the world; to curb this rate, volunteers are being called upon to get involved. Do you dig trees? Read more >>

Mothertukking adventures in 3 Wheels
[Ruth Cooper] "A tuk tuk is a magical mode of transport for normal people"; in this case slightly abnormal people for one must be slightly cooked to enter the Lanka Challenge, which has entrants embark on a madcap adventure in a tuk tuk across Sri Lanka. Think a sort of low-budget, but far more fun, Amazing Race (free from annoying, bickering Americans). 3 Wheels is a documentary of said race featuring Team Hallelujah Spaghetti, who entered the 2010 Lanka Challenge, came second last and documented the whole process. Read more >>


Lost and found in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
[Daniel Dercksen] It is not always possible to have the correct answer, unlock unsolved mysteries, or explore unfamiliar crises. With the exceptional Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, director Stephen Daldry proves that it is indeed possible to resolve everything by allowing yourself to get lost; to lose yourself fully in the fear of indecision and the moment of discovery. Read more >>

The Artist is an indisputable masterpiece
[Daniel Dercksen] If there is one film that everyone will be talking about for years to come, and a film that has caused as much sensation as when the first talking picture made its bow, it's The Artist. Read more >>

Jameson First Shot winners announced
The three winners of the Trigger Street Presents Jameson First Shot short film competition, which is designed to discover up-and-coming film talent from South Africa, Russia and the US, have been announced. Read more >>


Three more international acts for Cape Jazz Fest
Three more international acts have been announced for the 13th Cape Town International Jazz Festival, at the CTICC on Friday, 30 and Saturday, 31 March, 2012. They are Jill Scott, Steve Tyrell and Pharoahe Monch - all from the US. Read more >>

Hansa reveals top six for Usher Raymond gig
After a selection process lasting four months, in which nearly a million votes were cast, Hansa Pilsener has revealed the top-six South African music acts to perform on stage with Usher at the Hansa Festival of Legends. Read more >>

Concerts and hand-picked food at Woodmill Market - Win tickets
The Woodmill Market, just outside of Stellenbosch will be hosting two concerts, on 2 and 9 March, 2012, as well as the regular market offering hand-picked food, drinks and more, which takes place every Friday night. Read more >>

A life worth selling your soul
[Johann Smith] The word alternative has become misleading and common. Nowadays, if you want to be alternative, your choices are limited between becoming a farmer, a Christian fundamentalist or staying a virgin. If we could go back, to '69 or '76, before the word was coined - and perhaps even further, to a time, when rock 'n' roll came without sex and drugs, and paused at the second Chuck Berry discovered electricity, we would know why we're here. Yesterday's conservative society shouldn't have warned us about the devil, but of boredom instead. Read more >>


"Remodelled" Cape Town Book Fair returns
The Cape Town Book Fair is to return to the Mother City in a new and remodelled format between Friday, 15 and Sunday, 17 June, 2012. This year, the fair will have a strong trade element to enhance its "marketplace appeal". Read more >>

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