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Results for location-based marketing

Location-based marketing: Connecting companies to customers

If using a GPS-enabled device can prevent you from getting lost, just think what it can do for your marketing message.

4 Oct 2013 09:06

[2012 trends] A ratcheting up of existing trends

Looking forward, we can expect a ratcheting up of existing trends throughout 2012. Whether you're a politician, an executive or a consumer, the odds are strong you're going to need to hang firmly onto your hat.

By Janice Spark 20 Jan 2012 12:56

[2012 trends] Mobile - why, what and maybe

Mobile is trending and 2012 won't be any different. But the products will, so here's a look at why, what and maybe. [video]

By Kevin Bassett 16 Jan 2012 13:00

[2012 trends] 12 thoughts for the mobile space

Marketing and communication via mobile media and the web are always evolving. New players in the space appear and disappear, almost on a monthly basis. As we all progress with the new and exciting opportunities that they open up, we can only explore further, fail, move on and start again.

By Petros Kondos 13 Jan 2012 11:22

[2012 trends] Social media marketing and the youth

The following is a breakdown of 12 social media marketing trends for 2012 with regards to how businesses will target the youth market. The emphasis for businesses/brands in 2012 will be to avoid becoming subject to the "Social Media Burnout Effect".

By Bradley Maseko 10 Jan 2012 14:23

[2012 trends] With apologies to Cindy Lauper: boys and girls just wanna have fun

It's been a trying time aboard the good ship GFC (Global Financial Crisis). But like all sailors on the sea of life, if rough becomes the new normal, the seasickness begins to ebb and we can start moving away from being "bent-double" over the side of the boat and assume steadier footing through these turbulent waters.

By Mike Abel 10 Jan 2012 13:27

New book covers history of Bluetooth, location-based marketing in SA

Petros Kondos - the founding member and CEO of Bluetooth location-based marketing company Wireless Customer Interactive Technologies (WCIT) which closed in 2010 - has recently released a book, Mobile phones, Bluetooth and location based services, detailing the history of mobile media in South Africa and abroad, including Bluetooth and location-based marketing.

6 Dec 2011 13:09

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