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Results for hyperlocal

[2013 trends] It's all Hype(r)

Colloquially, the word hyper is often used to convey over-the-top or excessive behaviour - as in "those blue Smarties made my child/dog/girlfriend really hyper". Additionally, over the last three or four decades, it has also come to mean linked.

By Terry Levin 30 Jan 2013 11:30

[2013 trends] Targeted direct marketing to come into its own

The year ahead is unlikely to see any fantastical new developments in direct marketing; in fact, it's more likely to be characterised by the maturing of existing technologies and a return to more traditional practices.

By Warren Moss 22 Jan 2013 10:16

[2012 trends] Convergence, content key themes for media, advertising

Fact: consumers hold the upper hand in how we advertise. They are the ones who are more empowered, are demanding more and are less loyal. Never before has advertising been so interesting and exciting what, with tried-and-tested traditional formulas constantly being challenged.

By Tanya Schreuder & Richard Procter 25 Jan 2012 14:48

[2012 trends] Your friend is literally the trend

2012 will bring fundamental tectonic shifts to the balance of power in technology choices. Many of these will be driven by the people and for the people - in 2012 the trend, literally, is your friend. Smart enterprise will embrace this change but big business will very quickly have to learn to shut up and listen to what the consumer wants.

By Anice Hassim 19 Jan 2012 15:18

[2012 trends] GFC's impact on media-marketing arena

There are a number of trends forecast for 2012 that will have an impact on all facets of the media-marketing arena.

By Karen Phelan 18 Jan 2012 15:59

Hyperlocal is "past, present and future" of journalism

PARIS, FRANCE / DARMSTADT, GERMANY: Some people say that 'hyperlocal' is the future of journalism, but for Bart Brouwers and editors like him, hyperlocal represents the past, present and the future.

20 Jun 2011 08:25

[2011 trends] Media battle royale looms

Now that we're all back from holiday slaving over our hot terminals, ready - or not - for the new year, you can be forgiven for thinking that the hoo-hah last year about media freedom is a thing of the past.

By Gill Moodie: @grubstreetSA 11 Jan 2011 15:56

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