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Results for cashless society

Cash continues its hold in South Africa

Beyond 2020, trends predicted include non-cash payment methods and removing the circulation of cash (and as a result guns and crime) from society, thus fulfilling the talk about becoming a cashless society.

19 Feb 2013 10:24

[2012 trends] Bob, where's my flying car?

Well, much like the '50s 'World of Tomorrow' projections of flying cars, jetpacks and teleportation that we all guffaw, laugh and point at... I'll risk joining their esteemed ranks of ludicrousness by jumping in the mire of guesstimation.

By Matt Ross 31 Jan 2012 11:36

[2012 trends] The way to customers' hearts is through their phones

Never before have people had such a love affair with a communications medium as they have with their mobile phones. Now, marketers aren't communicating with consumers via an impersonal one-way device; rather, they are communicating with them through a device people happily carry around 24/7. Here are my top 12 trends for the mobile world in 2012.

By Vanessa Clark 23 Jan 2012 14:53

[2012 trends] Generation Y Not

South Africa's young consumers are more savvy and demanding than ever before. Not surprisingly, marketers have to work harder and smarter to make their brands compelling to kids, teens and young adults. 2012 stands for pace, progress, challenge and increased 'prosumer' power. Here are 10 whats and hows, ending with some of the hottest youth brands to look out for this year.

By Jason Levin & Jessica Oosthuizen 23 Jan 2012 13:32

[2012 trends] A ratcheting up of existing trends

Looking forward, we can expect a ratcheting up of existing trends throughout 2012. Whether you're a politician, an executive or a consumer, the odds are strong you're going to need to hang firmly onto your hat.

By Janice Spark 20 Jan 2012 12:56

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