Natalie Geyser

Line Producer & Production Manager, Freelance - Film, Television & Commercials
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Experienced Production Manager/Line Producer with 12 years experience across Features, Commercials and Television in South Africa and the greater African continent.
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Production Coordinator
Made in Africa Films
1 Jan 2017 - 1 Mar 2017 - Cape Town
- Budgeting & Scheduling - Location Management, including Permissions, Permits, Contracts - Assembly of Key Crew and Production Personnel - Management of Cast and Casting - Selection and negotiation of rates of all Production Service Providers - Production Paperwork: DPO's, PO's, Time Sheets, Schedules, Rosters, Timetables - Communication and regular feedback: Producers/Agency/Client/Crew/Cast - Troubleshooting and alternative plans
Production Manager
Star Films
1 Mar 2016 - 1 Jun 2016 - Cape Town
Production Manager: Commercials & Feature Films and responsible for bringing the Production in on time and within budget - Assembly of Key Cast & Crew - Rates Negotiation & Contracts - Production Paperwork: PO's; Location Permits; Health & Safety Compliances; SLA's - Selection of Production Service-Providers, including Rates- and Terms-Negotiation - Budgeting, Cost Control & Wrap of Production - Scheduling, Timetables & Rosters - Location Permits, Location Agreements and Safety - Hiring of Technical Gear & Equipment, including Discount-Negotiation
Production Manager
Stillking Productions
1 Jan 2016 - 1 Mar 2016 - Cape Town
- Production Budgeting & Scheduling - Assembly of Key Crew, Personnel & Suppliers - Negotiation of Rates & Costs - Contracts, Permissions, Permits, Risk Assessments - Hiring of Equipment & Resources for Production - Production Paperwork - Management of Production Office Team - Management of Production: running to schedule, managing costs, troubleshooting, dealing with crew, cast, client & agency - Cost Control & Recons
Production Manager
Enigma Pictures
1 Jul 2015 - 1 Nov 2015 - Cape Town
- Budgeting & Scheduling - Location Management, including Permissions, Permits, Contracts - Assembly of Key Crew and Production Personnel - Management of Cast and Casting - Selection and negotiation of rates of all Production Service Providers - Production Paperwork: DPO's, PO's, Time Sheets, Schedules, Rosters, Timetables - Communication and regular feedback: Producers/Agency/Client/Crew/Cast - Troubleshooting and alternative plans
Line Producer
Endemol South Africa
1 Aug 2014 - 1 Dec 2014 - Johannesburg & Cape Town
- Supervision of the production, and execution of the project(s) - Assembly, negotiation and appointment of the necessary elements of the production - Appointment of personnel, negotiation of rates, drafting of contracts - Appointment of suppliers, negotiation of rates, drafting of Service Level Agreements - Evaluation and creation of production rosters, timetables, and daily routine/schedules - Custodianship of the production budget: above- and below-the-line - Ensuring the production is completed within the budgetary and time parameters - Carrying out regular Cost Report meetings - Communication of all changes to the production schedule to all parties concerned - Supervision of all production office and set operations - Management and maintenance of liaison between Talent and Producer - Troubleshooting of any problems within the production - Ensuring a clear line of communication is established and maintained with the client - Setting up and facilitating client meetings - Ensuring that internal weekly status meetings are held with the production team - Ensuring that there is a productive and high moral atmosphere among the talent and production team - Creation and maintenance of an ethical presence around all members of production
Line Producer
Zissou Pictures UK
1 Jul 2014 - 1 Oct 2014 - Accra
As Line Producer, I was responsible for: - Implementing financial monitoring systems - Controlling production expenditure - Monitoring and controlling the progress of production - Day-to-day planning & project management - Crew selection, hiring & negotiation - Contracts & legal requirements involved in filmmaking - Artiste & contributor engagement - Vendor selection & negotiation - Trouble-shooting - Implementing Health & safety requirements for crew and cast - Insurances and all Legislative Functions including VAT & PAYE - Ensuring production was completed on time and within budget
Content Producer
Century 21
1 Jul 2012 - 1 Jun 2014 - Tzaneen
As Content Producer, I was responsible for creating & implementing content strategies for Century 21, an international property group seeking to establish a footprint in Limpopo. I worked in close collaboration with the group's marketing managers, content producers and editors, creating content across multi platforms - including monitoring audience response and measuring the success of these campaigns - adapting them where necessary. I hired independent artists, technicians and writers where necessary, to ensure the success of the projects, and was involved in the financial decision-making in order to bring these projects to fruition. My portfolio included: - Creating content for websites and blogs - Managing our Social Media Presence - Producing Corporate Videos (Training, etc) - Producing Various Marketing Presentations - Creating Sales Collateral & Support Materials - Creating Web-Based Campaigns - Monitoring User-Engagement & Experience - Creating Youtube channels & generating content for these - Press & PR Management - Creating visual & audio content for web
Red Pill Productions
1 Nov 2007 - 1 Jun 2012 - Johannesburg
• Fundraising & Financial Management • Proposal Writing • Script Selection & Project Management • Marketing Strategy Development & Implementation • Sales & Distribution Management • Press & Publicity • Contracts & Legal
Freelance PM, LP and Producer
Film, TV and Commercials Industry
1 Jan 2004 - 1 Oct 2007 - Johannesburg
• Ochre Media. Production Manager - KWANDA, DOCUMENTARY SERIES & LIVE TV PRODUCTION • Skysweeper Productions, Production Manager – TOYOTA NIGERIA COMMERCIAL • Stepping Stone Productions, Line Producer - PARADISE STOP, FEATURE FILM • Tremendous Entertainment (L.A), Local Producer - ANDREW ZIMMERN’S BIZARRE WORLD, DOCUMENTARY SERIES, USA • Third Floor Productions (Sri Lanka), Local Producer – CULTURE X, DOCUMENTARY SERIES • University of America (Washington DC), Producer - COPYRIGHT CONVENTION, LIVE EVENT, CAPE TOWN • Freshwater Films, Production Manager - FORD BANTAM COMMERCIAL • Velocity, Production Coordinator - MTN COMMERCIAL • Moonlighting, Production Manager - VODACOM COMMERCIAL • Frieze Films, Production Manager - AUDI TT COMMERCIAL • DV8 & MTV Base, Line Producer – ‘MAKING THE VIDEO’, SHELL SPONSORED • Uhuru Productions, Line Producer – BAMBHATA, DOCU-DRAMA FOR SABC • Muti Films, Production Manager – JERUSALEMA, FEATURE FILM


Film & Commercials, Budget & Financial management, Scheduling & Time Management, Film Production, Problem Solving Skills, COMMUNICATION SKILLS, Presentation Skills, Time management , Project Management, contracts and procurement


NQF4 - Real Estate
Year completed:2012
Education level:Diploma
Final year subjects:Principles of Real Estate
Real Estate Marketing
Real Estate Law
Institution:Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB)
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
Advanced Producers Course
Year completed:2009
Education level:Certificate
Final year subjects:- Originate and develop concepts
- Research and apply concepts and theories of creativity
- Direct rehearsals of performers
- Direct performers
- Establish the creative vision for screen productions
- Audition and select performers
- Direct screen production crews
- Devise camera coverage
- Collaborate with editors during post-production
- Plan and manage film and media pre-production
- Plan and manage film and media post-production
- Develop storylines and treatments
- Write scripts
- Edit scripts
- Develop a marketing plan
Institution:National Film & Video Foundation (NFVF)
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
Marketing Management (IMM)
Year completed:2005
Education level:Diploma
Final year subjects:Business Communications
Marketing Communications
Marketing Management
Financial Management
Project Management
Business Law
Consumer Behaviour
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
Bookkeeping with Pastel
Year completed:2002
Education level:Diploma
Final year subjects:Bookkeeping
Legislative Functions (VAT, PAYE, UIF)
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
Year completed:1991
Education level:Diploma
Final year subjects:Ballet
History of Costume Design
Institution:Pretoria Technikon
Location:Pretoria, South Africa
Year completed:1986
Education level:Certificate
Final year subjects:*Head Prefect, Matric
English - First Language (HG) - A
Afrikaans - First Language (HG) - B
German - Second Language (HG) - C
Mathematics - HG - B
Science - HG - B
Biology - HG - A
History - HG - B
Geography - HG - C
Institution:St Pauls College
Location:Windhoek, Namibia
Audiovisual Filmmaking
Year completed:2004
Education level:Diploma
Final year subjects:- Film and television genres
- Storytelling in film and television: From classical narrative to art cinema
- Film and television institutions
- Watching film and television: Gender, sexuality and spectatorship
- Alternatives in film and television
- Asian cinema and television
- Documentary and realism in film and television
Institution:Monash University
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Natalie Geyser
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