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Donald Pillai

Putting the WOW Factor back into your Business and Personal Life - Author, Consultant
Location:Pretoria, South Africa


Donald is a creative and hardworking professional focused on always growing in the field of Marketing , Communications, Public relations, Motivation and Leadership. He has helped to liberate many people from the mental barriers that held them back. and many more to excel in what they are passionate about.
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Current employment

Genesis Tradeway -

Genesis Tradeway -
We conclude joint ventures and strategic partnerships with best buyers and suppliers worldwide to get your products and services to the right buyers at the right time, globally. Genesis Tradeway holds a prominent position with a number of warehouses and transport fleets in South Africa. We have directly introduced products to Global Retailers the likes of Wal-mart, Target, Toys-R-Us, Babies-R-Us amongst other Global Giants in the USA, Europe and the United Kingdom. Genesis Tradeway was originally established as an export business in 2000. Our expanding range of international marketing platforms, hands-on strategic marketing planning and commitment to client satisfaction have earned us a very fast expanding client base.

Genesis Tradeway -


International Marketing Executive
Bumbo International
1 Feb 2002 - 1 Jul 2012 - Rosslyn
- Established a corporate presence in Europe, USA, South and East Asia, Russia, South America and Mexico, achieved, developed and expanded new business, sales targets, maximized sales revenue opportunities through maintaining partner relationships that involved sales and client management. Effectively managed B2B and B2C Practice with members in 40 countries. - Grew company from 12 people to over 500 employees in less than 5 years was one of the most exciting times of my life, especially helping the people grow personally. - Structured and managed strategic proposals, negotiated business terms, and closed sales transactions, and leveraged market knowledge and experience to helping customers to maximizing returns on investment, 2002 to present. - Supported small and mid-sized businesses with establishing and maintaining an Internet presence. Services included project management; social media, e-business strategy; website design, implementation and management; e-commerce infrastructure; content creation; creative direction; and customized web-based application. - Currently work remotely with customized content management solutions for |, |,, |, (Under Construction),, to achieve significant reduction in time needed for updates and eliminate high fees paid to outside maintenance companies. - Accomplished top ranking Brand recognition globally for local company, 2002 to 2012. - Connected with account managers worldwide and successfully landed major contracts, instigating availability of product in more than 130 countries, 2002 to 2012. - Landed multimillion-dollar clients for Company by teaming with a senior sales leaders to develop marketing collateral and conducting multiple conference calls and face-to-face meetings to win buy-in, revenue opportunities with new and existing customers. - Won 25 + Awards for Company and Products nationally and internationally, 2002 to 2012. Developed and maintained high standard of communication and presentation skills within the company and team. - Motivated team to keep commitments to customers and respond to customers concerns with sense of urgency and follow-through. The fortune is in the follow-up. - Achieved efficient co-ordination of activities in order to meet objectives. - Assisted team to manage time efficiently in order to achieve daily targets and deadlines. - Coached team with ability to apply intelligent sales pitch and demonstrated better ways to compose, manage, and deliver powerful presentations. - Fostered relationships, met with and conducted one on one meetings with Ceos, Buyers, Department Heads, Distributors from all countries around the world. - Trained and developed full band and singers in a company to start the day singing. - Advised and established sports, recreational and training centers for youth and young adults as well as specially advantaged children. - Exhibited and trained personnel at International Trade shows in Europe, Asia and United States over the past twelve years. Planned and Promoted Events. - Achieved and maintained status of Distinguished Judge and Advisor for Stevie International Business Awards in The USA. - Established a Motivational Page to inspire people all over the world. - Author of the forthcoming Book “You are Better than That”- How to Re-ignite your spark, re-claim your place in the world, and shine like never before. ________________________________________


Marketing and Communications, Business development, Business Consultancy, Coach & engergise team members, Motivation & Commitment, Training and Implementation, Decision making skills, Directing, Digital


Donald Pillai
What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.
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Donald Pillai
I believe in Mentoring and in being Mentored. Occasionally I offer on-going mentoring services to interested parties. Drop me a line:
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