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Daryl Ilbury is an op-ed columnist, radio analyst and consultant who specialises in the critical arena of talent development. He is a veteran of over 20 years in breakfast radio, having worked for East Coast Radio and Talk Radio 702. He was also a 2011 MTN Radio Awards judge. www.darylilbury.com features an original, free online resource for radio professionals. Contact Daryl on cell +27 (0)82 445 8141, email and follow @darylilbury on Twitter.
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Radio programming consultants. Why?

The last person who called me a programming consultant almost walked away with a bloody nose. I felt like a psychologist who had just been referred to as a life coach. I then realised that the person looking at me with wide eyes, their face fixed with shock at my reaction, had fallen under the spell of these supposed radio gurus.

By Daryl Ilbury 23 May 2011

The delicate balance in radio [part 1]

The results of the 2011 MTN Radio Awards should reveal the delicate balance in radio.

By Daryl Ilbury 22 Mar 2011

[2011 trends] The year SA's radio industry gets the serious jolt needed

2011 is going to be a particularly interesting year for radio in South Africa, dominated by how the industry will respond to one of the most exciting, and potentially devastating, innovations to strike the electronic media environment.

By Daryl Ilbury 11 Jan 2011

What radio should learn from reality TV

There's a special place in my life reserved for reality TV; it's nestled between a visit to the glove doctor and watching a bubble of mucus pop out the nose of a grubby toddler. But the fact remains that there is something it can teach radio - an industry currently grappling to find its footing.

By Daryl Ilbury 22 Nov 2010

Radio's neglected moral responsibility

There's a chance today's radio presenters are not qualified to be on-air. When training radio professionals, I always ask them what they see is their role as broadcasters. When they reply with the stock phrase "to inform and entertain", they seem a little surprised, even hurt, when I reply that they then have no aspiration, and that they're not being very professional or intelligent.

By Daryl Ilbury 11 Oct 2010

Go ahead: pass the Protection of Information Bill

Much has been said in the media about the proposed ravages of the Protection of Information Bill; enough, I think I can safely say, to spread fear among those who truly cherish freedom of expression. In fact, so immense has been the upheaval of opposition - to the point that it is becoming quite repetitive - that I've yet to hear a voice from the media supporting it. So let me be the maverick, and say: "Worry not, the bill could, ironically, promote the freedom of the press."

By Daryl Ilbury 23 Aug 2010

Radio needs to lose some control

Radio in South Africa is about to face its toughest challenge: to go where it dreads. Radio bosses looking to position their stations and secure any measure of leverage within the increasingly crowded media game need to realise that evolving consumer trends are pointing towards an area that most of them fear.

By Daryl Ilbury 11 Aug 2010

No more Rude in the morning

Jeremy Mansield's announcement last week that he's leaving breakfast radio is well-timed. No more 'Rude' in the morning? That comes as no surprise whatsoever. So stop wailing and flailing your arms around like hysterical wildebeest, for this is good news indeed.

By Daryl Ilbury 14 Jun 2010

Something's rotten in the state of radio

If the events of last weekend are to be believed, then to paraphrase Marcellus in Shakespeare's Hamlet, something is rotten in the state of radio in South Africa; and I may need your help to get to the bottom of it. After all, sooner or later someone has to point to the elephant in the room and say something.

By Daryl Ilbury 21 May 2010

Let's say hello to talk radio

They say is talk is cheap, yet when it comes to radio, the reverse is true; so music programming dominates. But things have to change - the consumer demands it.

By Daryl Ilbury 13 May 2010

The reason they're not coming is flat

The real reason that people aren't coming to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in their droves can be found in a box, and, yes, it is flat.

By Daryl Ilbury 23 Apr 2010

Why we, the media, love Julius

OK, I'm going to say it: “The media loves Julius Malema, and there are many reasons why.”

By Daryl Ilbury 6 Apr 2010

Is the death knell of radio near?

There's been a dramatic turn of events in UK radio, driven by a small handheld device, that could bring an end to South African commercial radio as we know it. But there is a glimmer of hope...

By Daryl Ilbury 16 Feb 2010

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