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FGX Studios reminds businesses to update website usage and privacy policies - FGX StudiosFGX Studios, a leader in digital marketing strategies and development, is reminding businesses to make sure their digital privacy policies are up to date in the wake of recent changes to laws regulating how websites are allowed to operate and what sorts of data they can collect from their users. 3 Jul 2013 Read more++

When is a Like more than a Like? - FGX StudiosSocial media has indeed moved from the buzz word spotlight, and is now, more often than not, seen as a required form of marketing, and rightly so. However, just because it has been more widely adopted and its importance is now seen as a must have, does not mean that we have figured out the essence of social, nor does it mean that we have all of the answers. The value and effect of social media on a brand, a business model, or even ROI is not yet finalised, and the quantitative data and formulas that keep most board members and marketers happy is still under heavy debate, throughout the world. 2 Jul 2013 Read more++

FGX Engage launches their first responsive social media campaign - FGX StudiosFGX Engage has reached a new milestone in social media development and technological progress, with the launch of their first responsive viral campaign for Builders Warehouse. 1 Jul 2013 Read more++

Promoting your business through effective digital marketing - FGX Studios"Digital Marketing, where do I start?" is very often the question, especially when looking at the new and emerging online media platforms. 28 Jun 2013 Read more++

Google+, Author Rank and Local Search Results - FGX StudiosPeople still seem to be somewhat up in the air when it comes to their opinions about Google+; on one hand, most dedicated SEO professionals seem to be really hyping it as the next big thing. On the other hand you'll find people who declare it an absolutely empty and useless platform, and claim they get zero interaction from it. 27 Jun 2013 Read more++

Retail responds to the digital needs of the market - FGX StudiosDigital is an ever changing landscape, with technology following function. Much has been said on the topic of User Interface and the engagement of visitors with your front-facing marketing assets. At the front end of this surge is retail, always striving to better entice and entertain the masses. Foot count is a massive drive, and so it's logical that you should be where your market spends their time. 26 Jun 2013 Read more++

If we're all created equal in Google's eyes... how do you retain a front-row seat in its rankings? - FGX StudiosThis Release is the first of a three-part feature on SEO Penguin & Panda. 26 Sep 2012 Read more++

Checking your brand's vitals - Does your digital marketing have a pulse? - FGX StudiosThis month the Harvard Business Review published a very controversial piece titled: "Marketing Is Dead" by Bill Lee. 22 Aug 2012 Read more++

Google gets personal - FGX StudiosEarlier this week, Google introduced Search Plus Your World, a set of new social search features that pull in content from a user's Google+ circles. Search Plus Your World will start rolling out in the US over the next few days but should be available for other users around the world shortly thereafter. 16 Jan 2012 Read more++

Online shopping is flying high in SA - FGX StudiosAccording to a recent study, South Africa is experiencing a boom in eCommerce and online shopping. South African consumers spent over R2,000,000,000 online in 2010 and this figure is estimated to grow by 40% towards the end of 2011. 26 Oct 2011 Read more++

Facebook facelift: what Facebook's recent and upcoming changes mean for brands - FGX StudiosLast week, Facebook began rolling out a number of new features that will drastically impact on the way content is shared and displayed in users' newsfeeds. These features will not only change the way Facebook users interact with each other but will also change the way users interact with your brand. Luckily FGX Engage is on hand to make sense of these changes and find new ways to make you more relevant than ever before in the social sphere. 29 Sep 2011 Read more++

Facebook fans and fighting the Social Media fatigue - FGX StudiosOne of the great things about Social Media is that it's allowed people to feel more connected to the world around them. And while there are many advantages of living in a connected world, the one major downside is that it can sometimes feel quite overwhelming because, despite what you've been told, the world is still a pretty big place. With lots of stuff happening. At the same time. All the time. 1 Sep 2011 Read more++

Embracing 100 years of tradition, new technology and innovation - FGX StudiosTwo of our recently launched centenarian clients are celebrating their anniversaries with new innovative technological websites, showing off their many, many years of experience, tradition and know how that has set them apart in the history books. 17 Jun 2011 Read more++

Social Plug-ins - making your website social - what works? - FGX StudiosIt has taken the better part of a year for Facebook to get their open graph and API stable to such a place where our developers are no longer blood-shot eyed, mimicking the same level of unpredictable instability as the developer platform that they're trying to master. 21 Mar 2011 Read more++

When the going gets tough, the tough go digital - FGX StudiosIn spite of the recession, 2011 is looking to be a bustling year for digital and online media. Whilst marketing budgets are shrinking across the board, it has been a pleasure to witness trends of growing digital expenditure becoming very evident in the latter part of 2010. And with business getting more competitive now than when the economy is cushy, companies and brands are readily embracing smart online strategies, reaping benefits in most endeavours. 14 Jan 2011 Read more++

FGX Studios has been developing websites for over a decade, offering clients tailored web designs and functionality, and we've recently formalised how we tackle online engagement platforms by introducing a division dedicated to earned media, owned media and agile brand activation campaigns. 1 Nov 2010 Read more++