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Greg McFarlane
Life's lessons learnt in the kitchen

I have just finished the most harrowing relationship of my life, that of me and a kitchen contractor. I will not regale you with the details (all six months of agony, pain and frustration) just to tell you it has been six months of agony, pain and endless pure unadulterated frustration.

By Greg McFarlane 23 Sep 2014 07:57

OwenKessel Leo Burnett launches Amstel Lite - OwenKessel
OwenKessel Leo Burnett launches Amstel Lite

OwenKessel Leo Burnett is making its play with the latest campaign for Amstel Lite, the new Amstel variant that has been launched in South Africa in September.

Issued by OwenKessel 22 Sep 2014 11:49

First African Creative Shop Hackathon produces creative results
First African Creative Shop Hackathon produces creative results

Facebook's first Creative Shop Hackathon in Africa took place on 18 September at the Cullinan Hotel in Cape Town as part of Loeries Creative Week 2014.

22 Sep 2014 07:35

Claudia Walters receives Loeries Marketing Leadership and Innovation Award
Claudia Walters receives Loeries Marketing Leadership and Innovation Award

During the first evening of the 36th Annual Loerie Awards, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, Claudia Walters, Marketing Communications Manager, Mercedes-Benz Cars South Africa, was honoured with the Marketing Leadership and Innovation Award.

21 Sep 2014 12:10

Mitchell Barker
Voice Recording via VoIP

"Please note that this call may be recorded..." That message is all too familiar to anyone who has ever called a business before.

By Mitchell Barker 19 Sep 2014 15:14

The Loeries 2014: All the finalists
The Loeries 2014: All the finalists

The finalists have now been announced for the 2014 Loerie Awards. All the winners will be announced at the ceremonies on 20 and 21 September at the CTICC in Cape Town.

19 Sep 2014 06:30

Julian Diaz
The 'three Hs' that will always fix a bad customer experience

We all make mistakes. It's what makes us human. It's how we learn. And as businesses, we implement technology and automate processes to try to minimise the likelihood of human error.

By Julian Diaz 18 Sep 2014 11:39

James Timpson
Is there a formula to making content go viral?

"It's gone viral" is a phrase that we tend to see constantly and in today's media-run world. While marketers are constantly trying to uncover the secret to success, the truth of the matter is, you can't manufacture authenticity.

By James Timpson 18 Sep 2014 09:21

Nicole Capper
PR and the online measurement debate

At the end of every month, we prepare ourselves for the question "what is our online publicity Rand Return On Investment?."

By Nicole Capper 18 Sep 2014 08:12

Colin Morris
Does your BrandTeam play like Brazil...or Germany? (Part 1)

As world soccer seasons get under way, I reveal 11 parallel team-roles between the winners in Brazil and those winning in brand boardrooms; and why the copywriter (no 10) has to be Messi, and the PR exec is (no 1) Neuer....

By Colin Morris 18 Sep 2014 07:45

Lwandile Fikeni
The Loerie Awards: One long stick fight

For me, creativity has always been terrifying. The first time I came across something remotely creative was at my grand parents' home in the rural village of Nzungiseni in Mount Ayliff, Eastern Cape. I was four years old. My grandfather and I were watching his cattle graze on the slopes of Intaba Yentsizwa (the Mountain of men) when a group of men, wielding spears and knobkerries, marched past chanting a song.

By Lwandile Fikeni 17 Sep 2014 09:44

DTI to put R1m into helping black filmmakers
DTI to put R1m into helping black filmmakers

A new incentive has been launched to support emerging black filmmakers that will nurture them to take-up big productions that will assist in the creation of jobs.

17 Sep 2014 07:24

Nozibele Zondi
Looking back: 20 years of African language radio

I grew up in the Eastern Cape in the 80s, we used to listen to Radio Xhosa, (now called Umhlobo Wenene) and it was the only radio station we knew. Very few houses in the village had television sets and they were only operated by using old car batteries.

By Nozibele Zondi 16 Sep 2014 08:52