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Top marketing automation tools for your business
Top marketing automation tools for your business

Most businesses will find the idea of automating functions like sales and marketing compelling, as it helps marketers to streamline activities like lead generation, segmentation, lead nurturing and lead scoring, customer lifecycle marketing, cross-sell and up-sell, customer retention and marketing ROI measurement.

By Jared Koning 1 day ago

Forget searching - chatbots take information to people on World AIDS Day
Forget searching - chatbots take information to people on World AIDS Day

info4africa and Always Active Mobile launch new messaging service for South Africans in need of health and welfare support services

Issued by AAM – Always Active Mobile 2 days ago

Screengrabs from the ad.
[Orchids & Onions] Tipping a hat to the 'Nightshift'

OK, I'll admit MTN already got its foot in the door with me right at the beginning of its new TV ad: I'm a Commodores fan and I think Nightshift (their tribute to soul legend Marvin Gaye - also one of my favourites) is one of the best tracks they produced.

By Brendan Seery 29 Nov 2016

Enver Mally by Jon Meinking
#EntrepreneurMonth: what does it take to survive as an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur takes guts; many pursue their dreams of starting their own business only to find that it's a mammoth task that can outlast those precious cash reserves. It can take its toll on family time and may be stressful, particularly during those first steps. Preparation can go a long way towards reducing the difficulties and building stronger foundations faster.

By Enver Mally 29 Nov 2016

Quality control in events management
Quality control in events management

As November is International Quality Control month, it is appropriate to review the steps needed to maintain consistent quality in events management. Quality is achieved through project management principles that are the hallmark of successful events.

By Beaulah du Toit, Issued by Litha Communications 29 Nov 2016

Maridav © –
No better sense of achievement than female entrepreneurship success!

Janna Strang, director and founder of PRomote Communication, shares why 'wanting it all' is a good thing, what it means to be a successful female entrepreneur and why there's no better sense of achievement than getting it right.

By Leigh Andrews 29 Nov 2016

Channel24 photographer bags gold at Arts Journalism Awards
Channel24 photographer bags gold at Arts Journalism Awards

Cape Town photographer Nardus Engelbrecht bagged gold at the National Arts Festival/BASA Arts Journalism Awards on Monday for his work published exclusively on Channel24.

Issued by 29 Nov 2016

Student of the Year: Carina Bonse wins AdFocus
Student of the Year: Carina Bonse wins AdFocus

Fondly nicknamed "The Wizard" for her seemingly magical ability to push her work further than anyone else, final year Red & Yeller Carina Bonse has proven that she really is capable of extraordinary creative magic.

Issued by Red & Yellow 29 Nov 2016

James Maposa
Developing a brand strategy

After crafting some form of customer strategy, you have a sound idea of how you want your company to interact with its potential customer base. You've built customer journeys that support you to deliver remarkable interactions, removing pain points and enhancing the pleasurable moments. The personas you've built have supported you to segment your market and understand how you can tailor your offering to meet their needs. The customer strategy also gives you an indication of the measurement framework you need to put in place to track your customer experience performance; including the identification of gaps, opportunities and improvement areas. Lastly, the customer strategy also provides a platform for your company to start thinking about customer relationship management services that it will need and whether this service will be internalised or outsourced. A cost benefit analysis should be leveraged to understand which option you will go with, including how core this function is to your overall operations.

By James Maposa 29 Nov 2016

BBC News app adds vertical video experience
BBC News app adds vertical video experience

BBC has launched a daily vertical video news product, allowing users to swipe through a curated list of 'videos of the day' and get an up-to-date summary of the day's news in an easy-to-consume and engaging format.

29 Nov 2016

Five business branding mistakes to avoid
Five business branding mistakes to avoid

Branding is very important for the success of any business. Companies such as Nike, Adidas, McDonalds and Google have continued to stand out due to their well thought-out branding strategies. Therefore, how you go about branding has the potential to either make or break your business. Here are some of the common mistakes you need to avoid at all costs:

By Charles Mburugu 29 Nov 2016

Six steps to a better digital marketing strategy

Brands need to engage with their customers regularly in order to be competitive. With all of the messaging thrown in front of today's consumers, a business that succeeds at attracting the attention of consumers time and again will have the advantage. Luckily, engagement isn't impossible to capture in thanks to today's technology and social platforms.

By Jennifer Roberts 29 Nov 2016

How many people sit around your boardroom table?
How many people sit around your boardroom table?

As marketing budgets decrease and agencies have to report into procurement officers, fighting harder to justify every Rand spent in media and production, more and more people are gathering around our clients' boardroom tables for status each week.

By Elaine Loeb 28 Nov 2016