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Motorbike jugaad © Dishoom Dishoom on .
Jugaad, the art of improvisation as an innovative mindset

Innovation processes are being challenged by creative improvisation, even in the biggest technological companies governed by acute knowledge and experience.

By Amandine Robin 2 minutes ago

The Enovation team.
#InnovationMonth: The essence of digital marketing Enovation

Picture a marketing team of five, all extreme coffee addicts under the age of 25. Imagine the implications of harnessing all that innate digital know-how. That's Enovation. Find out about their plans to take over the world, despite a saturated digital market.

By Leigh Andrews 1 hour ago

I have a dream...
I have a dream...

Ciao Bella, a women empowerment initiative aimed at uplifting the lives of young women, is the dream of Alarece Easton, HR manager group of the MediaShop. "Having this dream translate into reality is so exciting for me."

By Danette Breitenbach 15 hours ago

AdFocus Awards 2016 finalists announced
AdFocus Awards 2016 finalists announced

The Financial Mail AdFocus Awards have announced the finalists for the event taking place on Wednesday 23 November at RoomFive in Rivonia.

16 hours ago

Pokémon Go - the most profitable, popular and dangerous app in the world
Pokémon Go - the most profitable, popular and dangerous app in the world

When the trailer for Pokémon Go released last year, it felt like the world had come to a standstill. The news that the coolest, most addictive game from the Generation Y's and Millennials' childhoods would soon be entering the real world was enough to send everybody into a frenzy on social media.

By Marthinus Van Rhyn 17 hours ago

Native content - a brand's dilemma
Native content - a brand's dilemma

The phrase 'native content' sends shivers down my spine, leaving me terrified and dumbfounded in equal measure.

By Charlie Stewart 17 hours ago

Fashion and beauty, rolled into one.
#InnovationMonth: The beauty of programmatic advertising

Take one part online fashion and beauty content. Add in programmatic advertising and networking opportunities. Mix well. What do you get? Hybrid digital agency and media house Amorphous Stride's latest offering, the FashionBeauty.Network. CEO Grant Shippey tells us more.

By Leigh Andrews 18 hours ago

DQ&A's Online Tuesday #7 discusses Augmented Reality
DQ&A's Online Tuesday #7 discusses Augmented Reality

The seventh installment of "Online Tuesday", themed 'It's an Augmented World', will take place in Cape Town and Johannesburg next month. The event is presented by DQ&A Media Group and series partners, Initiate International and Zomato.

18 hours ago

Image credit:  and
#InnovationMonth: Mastering innovation and marketing at retail

If I was entrusted with running your retail company's marketing department in a capacity as your marketing director, where would I begin to innovate? Well, quite frankly, I would not spend time thinking about where to begin, I would just get on with it.

By Bandile Ndzishe 2 days ago

SABC, where art thou channels?
SABC, where art thou channels?

The media's obsequious reportage on Hlaudi made me ponder on a few things that, in my opinion, need attention at the SABC. Frankly, I have heard enough of Hlaudi this, Hlaudi that. The media has turned him into some pygmy of impeccable credentials. I feel the real sense of issues around him or SABC are not articulated well in the public discourse - is he a bad guy in a good situation or good guy in a bad situation?

By Bonnie Ramaila 3 days ago

Josephine Buys
Traditional publishing and digital advertising: A crossroads and a new frontier

At a time when traditional methods of publishing are undergoing rapid change, digital allows new opportunities to connect with readers and consumers. However, our audiences are no longer a given. Publishers and advertisers need to meticulously tailor their content to survive in a cutthroat media landscape.

By Josephine Buys, Issued by IAB South Africa 23 Sep 2016

Why social media is critical for SA marketers in 2017
Why social media is critical for SA marketers in 2017

According to the 2017 edition of the SA Social Media Landscape, released this week by World Wide Worx and Ornico, the next year will see the use of as many as four social media platforms becoming pervasive marketing tools in South Africa. The study included a survey of 116 major South African brands, making for a representative sample of the country's major brands.

23 Sep 2016

Employees: credible spokespeople and sources, how to leverage this trust
Employees: credible spokespeople and sources, how to leverage this trust

Consumers are losing faith in information that brands publish online and on social media as they become increasingly savvy about the myriad of tactics used by marketer to reach them. The rules of engagement with consumers have changed.

By Deirdre Elphick-Moore 23 Sep 2016