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Dangers of rental and long-term contracts

Whilst companies have no option but to embrace technology, to take advantage of the efficiencies and cost savings it has to offer, they need to avoid long-term contracts at all costs.

By George Golding 8 Feb 2016 10:13

#DesignMonth: A virtual solution for financial inclusion
#DesignMonth: A virtual solution for financial inclusion

The mobile payment space is an exciting one right now; and with on-demand services like UBER and Netflix gaining constant popularity the demand for online payment services is set to soar. The overriding concern however is security.

By Lauren Hartzenberg 8 Feb 2016 08:20

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Key trends shaping telecoms of the future

The telecoms industry is currently one of the leading growth sectors in the global economy for a number of different reasons, including the emergence of telecommunications as one of the most important components of business, social, cultural and political activity.

By Eckart Zollner 8 Feb 2016 07:57

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MEC Alan Winde on invested broadband plan

The average Western Cape resident spends more than 20% of their monthly income on connectivity. Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities, released comprehensive new research on the internet habits of the province's residents.

5 Feb 2016 12:34

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Mozilla to kill Firefox smartphone operating system

The Firefox smartphone operating system is being shut down, three years after a launch aimed at challenging the dominant platforms powered by Apple and Google, developers said Thursday.

5 Feb 2016 12:02

The future of the cellular industry - Mortimer Harvey
The future of the cellular industry

When cellular services first hit the South African market 21 years ago, it was all about chasing new connections. The race was on to sign up as many subscribers as possible. Today, that race is run and the telecommunications industry, if it wants a future, has to look at innovating its brands as never before. What could that look like on the mobile landscape?

Issued by Mortimer Harvey 5 Feb 2016 10:58

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What SMEs must look for when outsourcing IT

As a small business owner, there are many things to juggle in order to keep your business running and often a vast majority of these are not core functions.

By Barry Kemp 5 Feb 2016 10:46

#DesignMonth: Getting people where they want to go
#DesignMonth: Getting people where they want to go

Urged by unreliable public transport and a desperate need to get to class on time, Devin de Vries and Chris King started an innovative company that connects and allows public transport users, operators and cities, through real-time information, to effectively manage their transport. We had a chat with Devin de Vries, co-founder of WhereIsMyTransport about the story, creativity and people behind the company that seeks to solve one of South Africa's greatest sources of frustration - public transport.

By Cari Van Wyk 5 Feb 2016 10:25

Smart glasses could make a comeback, shipping over 12 million by 2020
Smart glasses could make a comeback, shipping over 12 million by 2020

The current market in consumer smart glasses is 15 months behind previous expectations, thanks to the withdrawal of Google Glass in 2015, but a new study by Juniper Research shows that over 12 million consumer smart glasses will ship in 2020, with the majority of growth occurring after 2017. This is compared to less than a million devices shipped in 2016, from a variety of vendors.

5 Feb 2016 09:49

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App performance gap hurts business - survey

The Riverbed Global Application Performance Survey 2015 has revealed a major performance gap between the needs of business and IT's current ability to deliver.

5 Feb 2016 09:40

Clive Butkow
Grotech targets technology firms

Venture capital technology fund Grotech plans to raise between R50m and R200m by the end of this month, using the proceeds to invest in disruptive digital technology companies. Grotech is registered as a section 12J "venture capital company", a structure created to offer investors a tax break.

By Phakamisa Ndzamela 5 Feb 2016 08:29

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Protect you password from dictionary attacks

All is quiet in the library. As sleepy hours of research linger on, suddenly, out of nowhere, a rabid librarian appears. With a blood curdling scream, wielding a large dictionary, she bears down on you like a speeding bullet. In the moments that follow you try to beat a retreat but not before she lands a blow to your forehead. Your final moments of consciousness are spent trying to make sense of her hysteria around some spelling error.

By John Stebbing 4 Feb 2016 13:42

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Invitation to enter for Gartner's Aspiring Innovators Programme

Gartner's Aspiring Innovators Programme will once again take place at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Africa 2016, taking place in Cape Town from 26-28 September 2016.

4 Feb 2016 12:15