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Mall of Africa
Mall of Africa future-ready with Wi-Fi network

Open-access Wi-Fi Network, VAST Networks together with Ruckus Wireless successfully deployed the continent's largest mall Wi-Fi installation, providing consumers and retailers with...

1 day ago

©Andriy Popov via 123RF
Staying on top of trends in the security industry in 2016

As 2016 rolls on, a number of factors and trends will gain traction in the security sector, shaping the progression of the security sector. These include increased demand for integration, big data...

By Neil Cameron 26 Apr 2016

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Visual IVR can transform the service experience

Thanks to the emergence of visual interactive response technology, the frustration of listening to numerous menu options before eventually being able to speak to an agent at a call centre is no longer the case...

3 days ago

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MTN Business launches cloud services platform in Rwanda and Cameroon

In a bid to create greater efficiencies, as well as enable the growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), MTN Business is driving the development of ICT solutions, specifically for SMEs...

25 Apr 2016

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ESD facilitates smoother sales to channel partners

Electronic software distribution (ESD) has seen significant growth over the past few years, and the channel, in particular, is increasingly using this delivery mechanism in order to improve efficiencies and reduce costs...

By Anton Vukic 21 Apr 2016

©Peter Wollinga via 123RF
Municipalities can drive efficiency through shared services

With pressure mounting on the government to reduce costs while improving governance and service delivery, there is an opportunity for municipalities to streamline their operations by adopting a shared services model...

18 Apr 2016

Get connected in the clouds at Table Mountain Cableway's Wi-Fi Lounge
Get connected in the clouds at Table Mountain Cableway's Wi-Fi Lounge

Table Mountain Cableway's new Wi-Fi Lounge can now connect visitors far above the Mother City. All visitors can connect, share, post, Tweet or...

15 Apr 2016

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Government should be championing for an always-on approach

An always-on approach will be key in facilitating a high availability public sector geared to meet the needs of all its stakeholders...

14 Apr 2016

VPS hosting advantages for startup owners - Monetary Library
VPS hosting advantages for startup owners

Virtual private server hosting packages are normally not considered by startup owners because of the belief that prices are way too high. This is completely incorrect...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 14 Apr 2016

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The rise of customer-focused IT

In today's global economy, characterised by technology commoditisation and consumerism, IT businesses are finding it tough to differentiate themselves from their competitors...

By Paul Fick 12 Apr 2016

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Reconciling CX and the CFO

Your customers have expressed an overwhelming desire to get in touch with your company in more ways than one. They want to use email, chat, online platforms and social media...

By Thinus Janse van Rensburg 7 Apr 2016

New MTN bundle allows users to recharge via sun
New MTN bundle allows users to recharge via sun

MTN South Africa launched its new promotional package featuring World Panel's SunStream which allows users to stream...

5 Apr 2016

©goodluz via 123RF
Importance of quick, secure and flexible IT delivery

Delivery has always been a key differentiator in business. Whether it be goods or services, companies that are known to deliver quality offerings quickly, securely and flexibly...

By Brendan McAravey 4 Apr 2016

Alex Stokes via 123RF
Digital transformation is key to Africa's future

Any vendor that comes to Africa needs to understand Africa. The problem most companies have is that they think of Africa as one country, where one approach will work...

By Hatem Hariri 29 Mar 2016

Turrito Networks, Dial-a-Nerd provide integrate ICT offering - CloudGate
Turrito Networks, Dial-a-Nerd provide integrate ICT offering

Following its acquisition of Dial-a-Nerd last year, MICROmega Group company Turrito Networks is now able to provide its small to medium enterprise customers with a complete ICT value proposition...

Issued by CloudGate 24 Mar 2016

©mishoo via 123RF
A new approach to branch IT

The lifeblood of many companies today depends on branch offices. Whether these are remote sites, retail outlets or manufacturing plants, they must be agile and able to quickly respond...

By Wimpie van Rensburg 22 Mar 2016

Value of investing in effective IT service management
Value of investing in effective IT service management

In today's world, IT no longer supports the business. Today, IT is the business and the business is IT. If you turn off IT, nobody will be able to do their job and the business will cease to function...

By Edward Carbutt 22 Mar 2016

©photka via 123RF
MTN launches LTE-a network

MTN has launched the next generation of mobile network technology, Long-Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-A), in Gauteng and Western Cape. The technology has been launched in Camps Bay...

17 Mar 2016

©Tyler Olson via 123RF
Omni-channel call centre dos and don'ts

With more customers owning smart mobile devices, companies are facing an ever increasing need to communicate and respond to customers using channels, other than a simple voice call...

By Jed Hewson 16 Mar 2016

©fabio formaggio via 123RF
How to remain relevant for the African traveller

As smartphone penetration across the continent increases, African travellers are increasingly looking for agents offering online and mobile services...

15 Mar 2016

©rphotos via 123RF
Africa's sleeping tech giants

Although sub-Saharan Africa has long been the weakest region globally in terms of digital connectivity, the area is on the edge of a major technological surge. Its young demographic and improved access...

14 Mar 2016

Demands of the Always-On environment on business continuity
Demands of the Always-On environment on business continuity

The Always-On environment requires modern data centres that are able to scale according to organisational needs. Rick Vanover, senior product strategy manager at Veeam, believes the impact this places...

11 Mar 2016

©Dmitrii Kiselev via 123RF
Fleet Authorisations app puts fleet managers back in charge

Standard Bank Fleet Management's Transaction Authorisation system, which saved fleet managers more than R350 million in the last year alone, has been taken to the next level with...

8 Mar 2016

©Karel Joseph Noppe Brooks via 123RF
Effective carrier communities are key to digital equality

The digital divide is a phenomenon that has plagued developing nations for a number of decades, and addressing this inequality in technological ability and advancement is essential...

By Eckart Zollner 8 Mar 2016

The Always-On Africa is a matter of if, not when
The Always-On Africa is a matter of if, not when

With global cloud traffic expected to quadruple from current levels to 8.6 zettabytes (one zettabyte is equal to a billion terabytes), by the end of 2019, there is significant potential for Africa to capitalise...

4 Mar 2016

©laurentiu iordache via 123RF
Amazon puts roots in SA

While global online retail company widens its net with online food shopping and walk-in bookstores, its web services division is making inroads in South Africa...

3 Mar 2016

©Sawitree Jaiwanglok via 123RF
The modern data centre is software-defined

Global big data revenues are expected to grow to just under $38 billion and cloud computing service revenues to more than $4 billion in 2016 resulting in local companies rethinking their data centre...

3 Mar 2016

©bloomua via 123RF
Service providers are facing a new security paradigm

Mobile World Congress 2016 took place last week and what came of it was largely the industry is looking ahead to what the future brings. From new devices to new apps to new services...

By Martin Walshaw 3 Mar 2016

©alphaspirit via 123RF
Mobile technology key to closing Africa's digital divide

The Internet has undeniably become the lifeblood of our society...

By Brendan McAravey 2 Mar 2016

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