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#Newsmaker: Laura du Preez Moneytizes Tiso Blackstar Group's publishing game
#Newsmaker: Laura du Preez Moneytizes Tiso Blackstar Group's publishing game

The Sunday Times recently launched Money - a new personal finance section which appears every weekend in the Business Times - which is edited by Laura du Preez, who joined the Tiso Blackstar Group in May this year...

By Jessica Tennant 3 days ago

Terena le Roux keeps the Ideas/Idees flowing
Terena le Roux keeps the Ideas/Idees flowing

Following the announcement of bilingual Ideas/Idees magazine being closed down by Media24 late last year, editor Terena le Roux approached management to transfer ownership into her name. Now the owner of startup publishing company IdeesFabriek (Ideas Factory), Le Roux says it really was that straightforward...

By Jessica Tennant 22 Feb 2017

Yegor Larin © –
ABC: Members up but print down

The ABC 4th Quarter 2016 results, released via webinar for the first time, show that the total number of products and titles reported on for the ABC 4th quarter 2016 has increased to 982 from 854 in 2015...

By Danette Breitenbach 9 Feb 2017

Maksym Chornii © –
“Space and calmness” – is that your market?

I think it's a fair assumption to make that writers (rather like media planners) should know what their target market and/or readers is/are...

By Chris Brewer 23 Jan 2017

The cost of impersonalisation is the new disruptive
The cost of impersonalisation is the new disruptive

Our appetite for tailored, customised, and personalised service is bigger now than ever before, largely due to the ability to gather and crunch data from online sources. The result is that businesses like Amazon can automatically suggest other products that actually do suit our tastes or, at the very least, perusal and buying patterns...

By Vaughan Patterson 7 Oct 2016

It's a brand new world for print
It's a brand new world for print

Video, native advertising, mobile apps - these were some of the main talking points yesterday at the first day of the Media24 Lifestyle Summit...

By Beverley Klein 23 Sep 2016

What matters is journalism, wild ideas and crazy people
What matters is journalism, wild ideas and crazy people

Good journalism is good business, and it is also an essential profession for the political and democratic health of any nation...

By Danette Breitenbach 25 Jul 2016

Boris Dzhingarov
The Maker Movement and patenting concerns

It's the golden age of invention, thanks to the new Maker Movement, 3D printing and the ease of prototyping. That's good news for inventors...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 8 Feb 2016

Interactive print is crucial to direct marketing, says white paper
Interactive print is crucial to direct marketing, says white paper

Mobile elements in marketing campaigns are becoming an industry standard, which is not surprising considering that PwC predicts 88% of South Africans have mobile Internet access...

By Jacques van Wyk 12 Oct 2015

[TrendTalk] Print needs to be 'sold' differently
[TrendTalk] Print needs to be 'sold' differently

If brands prize reaching consumers across all touch points wherever they are, why do media still have to justify using print to do the same?...

By Louise Marsland 11 Sep 2015

Caron de Fortier
Centralising print services for more effective printer fleet management

Despite a move towards printing less, the reality is that with growing volumes of information, organisations are actually printing more than ever...

By Caron de Fortier 9 Jul 2015

Jonathan Deeb on the blurring lines between Cannes categories
Jonathan Deeb on the blurring lines between Cannes categories

Jonathan Deeb, Executive Creative Director of FCB Johannesburg, spoke to our Cannes Lions media correspondent, Ann Nurock, on his experience of being part of this year's Press Jury...

By Ann Nurock 2 Jul 2015

[NewsMaker] Michelle Vahl
[NewsMaker] Michelle Vahl

Michelle Vahl has been appointed NAB Sales Manager (Johannesburg). She oversees a team of 13 sales people across both NAB and Habari Media...

By Louise Marsland 1 Jul 2015

Latest from the research front
Latest from the research front

The latest release of the All Media and Products Survey (AMPS), released today by the South African Audience Research Foundation (SAARF), shows overall stability of the media...

By Chris Brewer 2 Apr 2015

A case history of branding from scratch
A case history of branding from scratch

When the printing and manufacturing Paarl Media Group decided to list on the JSE, it started on a journey into what could well have been into the dark unknown of choosing a new name...

By Chris Moerdyk 17 Mar 2015

Andrew Griffith
Why paper could be the downfall of compliance

Organisations wanting to toe the compliance line when it comes to regulatory requirements linked to PoPI and FICA, must factor paper-based documentation into their governance, risk and compliance strategies, or run the risk of non compliance...

By Andrew Griffith 1 Feb 2015

[NewsMaker] Tandi Potgieter
[NewsMaker] Tandi Potgieter

Tandi Potgieter, the new MD of Printstagram, a personalised photographic printing company, hopes to transition the business from a purely web-based enterprise to have a bricks-and-mortar retail footprint in partnership with photographic outlets nationwide...

By Louise Marsland 12 Nov 2014

Diane Charton
Augmented reality could rejuvenate print

As South African newspapers and magazines come under increasing pressure from digital competition, so must they look to digital innovations such as augmented reality to rejuvenate their business models.

By Diane Charton 18 Jul 2014

Four things you need to know about brand guidelines
Four things you need to know about brand guidelines

Once again I'm back to debunk a few myths about brand guidelines... and here's what you need to know...

By Chemory Gunko 3 Jul 2014

Leon Minnie
Enhancing your printing solution to work smarter, easier and more profitably

The printing industry has changed, with many established printer providers, as well as new companies, adopting digital printing solutions to meet the demands of the print market.

By Leon Minnie 13 Jun 2014

Brand relevance and the printing press
Brand relevance and the printing press

The advent and mass proliferation of the internet is the same in terms of its significance in the modern world and in particular the resulting implications for communications.

By Lisa Basson 18 Feb 2014

[2014 trends] The changing landscape of design
[2014 trends] The changing landscape of design

One big paradigm shift in the design arena over the next few years, will be what I refer to as the 'corporate designer'. This is a designer that has a clear understanding of both business, as well as more than one design principle. (video)

By Dave Nemeth 30 Jan 2014

Challenges faced by online publishers in South Africa
Challenges faced by online publishers in South Africa

Recent industry reports clearly show that online media platforms are growing rapidly more than traditional ones, but yet are not being taken seriously by advertisers and media buying agencies.

By Paul Scott 19 Dec 2013

The emperor's new paywall
The emperor's new paywall

Chances are, if you're on a mailing list connected to the media industry, you would have received numerous (digital) links to studies and reports hailing the success of paywalls by various publishers around the globe.

By Styli Charalambous 6 Nov 2013

Marcus Stephens
Lack of flexibility major drawback in print advertising

Many South African media buyers and advertisers make the mistake of paying a premium for a print publication's entire subscriber base, or even its claimed pass-on readership, when they are simply aiming to talk to a small sub-set of that audience.

By Marcus Stephens 22 Jul 2013

Craig Green
What it takes to transform your print business

Organisations of all sizes are looking at every part of their IT infrastructure in an effort to find additional cost savings. Believe it or not, the print infrastructure is still one place most haven't looked - and it's a huge opportunity for resellers.

By Craig Green 9 Jul 2013

Anthony Swart
Marketers should make the most of their resources

While the digital sphere explodes with both content and marketing options, print is still a major component of the marketer's arsenal. In fact, it is estimated that print comprises approximately 40% of a company's marketing budget.

By Anthony Swart 7 Jun 2013

Linda Gibson
Combining print and digital advertising

In order to stay abreast of developments in the fast-paced media landscape, traditional print advertisers are investigating the best ways to offer a well thought out combination of print and digital offerings.

By Linda Gibson 26 Apr 2013

Chemory Gunko
The thing about brand guidelines

With our highly competitive marketing landscape, and the ease with which anyone with a PC can create marketing collateral, it has become more important than ever before that your company has a strong brand identity.

By Chemory Gunko 17 Apr 2013

Douglas Kruger
Seven stages in becoming an industry expert

From Amoeba to Icon; where do you currently rank in your industry's natural progression? In this piece, I walk you through the seven stages of development as you strive to position yourself as an industry expert. [video]

By Douglas Kruger 13 Apr 2013

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