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Abey Mokgwatsane
The four ways data changes business forever

If anything is about to transform the way marketing works, it's that four-letter word: data. Technological advancements that have made it possible for any brand and business to have authentic, meaningful relationships with consumers makes data all the more powerful and relevant.

By Abey Mokgwatsane 2 Nov 2012 10:00

Three new uncapped hosting products for SMMEs
Three new uncapped hosting products for SMMEs

Three new uncapped hosting packages for small businesses, home offices and personal websites have been launched by MWeb, including new features, enhancements and tools at competitive prices.

2 Nov 2012 08:05

Anne Scharlow
The 'certifiable' are running universal analytics on Google - a game changer in web analytics

Once a year the 'certifiable' meet just off Google's campus in Mountain View, San Francisco and share new developments with like-minded visionaries with a passion for the user journey and website optimisation through Google Analytics.

By Anne Scharlow 31 Oct 2012 10:35

Herschel Girls School goes wireless

Ruckus Wireless, together with 4th Dimension Technology, has installed a wireless infrastructure at Herschel Girls School, Cape Town. The wireless network is primarily used for Internet access by pupils and staff, but is also used to access files stored on the internal file system and allows the pupils to use network printers.

31 Oct 2012 10:30

Lex Faure
Mobile - the technology tsunami

No other development in the history of the world has caused so much change, in such a short time period, as the explosive growth of the mobile phone in general, and the smart phone in particular.

By Lex Faure 28 Oct 2012 08:38

RamsayMedia and Snapplify - mobilising with a new partnership
RamsayMedia and Snapplify - mobilising with a new partnership

RamsayMedia is set to expand its role in the digital space. A partnership with leading SA mobile solutions provider Snapplify will see the media house provide content, service and support though mobile apps developed by the award-winning tech start-up, which will also manage their hosting in app stores.

27 Oct 2012 11:01

Pule thanks outgoing Telkom board members
Pule thanks outgoing Telkom board members

Communications Minister Dina Pule has thanked the outgoing members of the Telkom Board of Directors for their contribution in turning around Telkom and for their service to the country.

25 Oct 2012 10:32

VoIP comes of age - business-grade quality, scalability and functionality
VoIP comes of age - business-grade quality, scalability and functionality

Organisations that still doubt the suitability of Voice over IP for business must have missed the final act, in which VoIP grows up, gets the girl and drives off into the sunset in smoking hot yet reliable wheels.

25 Oct 2012 09:02

Apps spark creative talents of developers

There is hardly anything you will not find an app for these days: from counting the amount of calories you consume to managing a job search while you are on the go.

22 Oct 2012 07:42

India on top of Sophos' Dirty Dozen report

Sophos has published its latest 'Dirty Dozen' report of spam-relaying countries for the third quarter of 2012. Since the previous quarter, India has grown its lead at the top of the hall of shame, and now relays 16.1% of all spam captured in SophosLabs's global network of spam traps.

19 Oct 2012 07:32

Facebook, Twitter more alluring than sex

A study arousing interest online found that checking Facebook or Twitter is more alluring than sex for most people immersed in Internet Age lifestyles.

15 Oct 2012 11:39

Appeal to curb hacking of Philippines websites

Hackers incensed by the Philippines' controversial cybercrime law have attacked government sites that deliver emergency information during natural disasters, an official said over the weekend.

15 Oct 2012 11:39

Facebook posts can be 'promoted' for a fee

Facebook has begun testing a new feature that would allow users to increase the visibility of their posts for a fee, in what appears to be a new bid to add more profitability to the social network.

11 Oct 2012 14:39

Nokia may sell its Helsinki head office

HELSINKI - Struggling Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia might sell its headquarters on the outskirts of Helsinki, a senior company official said on Wednesday.

11 Oct 2012 11:51

Swedish rape victim speaks out on Facebook

A Swedish girl struck a nerve Thursday after publishing a video on Facebook about her rape by a friend five years her senior, a day after he was sent to prison for two years.

11 Oct 2012 12:17

US blocks online fraud schemes linked to India

WASHINGTON - US officials on Wednesday said they shut down a series of so-called technology support scams, mostly operating from India, which tricked consumers into paying to clean their computers of bogus virus infections.

11 Oct 2012 11:43

Chris Moerdyk
Why isn't wi-fi free?

There are two definite trends taking place in the world today and its going to be interesting to see which of those ends up being the most successful.

By Chris Moerdyk: @chrismoerdyk 10 Oct 2012 05:37

NATIVE Mobile Report highlights some NB industry issues
NATIVE Mobile Report highlights some NB industry issues

The latest issue of the NATIVE Mobile Report covers some important industry events - including the launch of iPhone 5 and the release of iOS6, the Loeries and the 4G race that is hotting up in SA.

10 Oct 2012 12:18

Police say Facebook won't remove 'murder page'

SYDNEY - Australian police said on Monday that social media site Facebook had refused to take down a page containing offensive material about the man accused of murdering Irish woman Jill Meagher.

9 Oct 2012 15:25

Africa's IT industry gearing up toward the clouds as summit launches into day one

The 3rd annual Cloud and Virtualisation Summit Africa is taking place in Sandton, Johannesburg, from 10 to 11 October. The event is aimed at business and technology leaders who need to understand how cloud computing and virtualisation is fundamentally transforming the way in which we think about, acquire and use computing resources.

Issued by Kinetic Events 9 Oct 2012 11:25

Vodacom cuts international call rates
Vodacom cuts international call rates

Shameel Joosub‚ the chief exeuctive of Vodacom‚ announced international price reductions‚ the launch of high speed fourth generation (4G) network‚ and the possible extension of its financial services products as well as other value added services.

By Thabiso Mochiko 4 Oct 2012 12:05

Facebook denies private messages are made public
Facebook denies private messages are made public

The French government on Tuesday summoned Facebook managers to explain rumours that some users' privacy had been breached with private messages posted publicly on the social network.

4 Oct 2012 12:24

ISPs invited to join Telkom's high-speed pilot

Telkom has agreed to include some members of the Internet Service Providers Association (Ispa) into its high speed broadband trials.

By Thabiso Mochiko 4 Oct 2012 11:15

Digital revolution hits Northern Cape
Digital revolution hits Northern Cape

It was a historic day for the Northern Cape on Wednesday, when the province became the first in the country to enjoy the digital revolution with the launch of the demonstration of digital migration technology.

4 Oct 2012 13:06

Roelof Louw
Follow the private cloud for secure business operations

Businesses looking for a secure virtual environment will only consider the private cloud in the near future, says research firm IDC. According to the researcher, the private cloud is the closest to a virtualised infrastructure which offers better controls.

By Roelof Louw 1 Oct 2012 08:55

Vitenamese bloggers jailed

A court in southern Vietnam on Monday jailed three bloggers for "anti-state propaganda", including one whose case has been raised by US President Barack Obama.

1 Oct 2012 11:42

Public servants must be techno savvy - Sisulu
Public servants must be techno savvy - Sisulu

Government has the responsibility to professionalise the public service by upgrading and retaining their skills through technology, says Public Service and Administration Minister Lindiwe Sisulu.

28 Sep 2012 07:28

Apple's Wozniak wants to become Australian
Apple's Wozniak wants to become Australian

Sydney - Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with the late Steve Jobs, revealed Tuesday his fondness for Australia and said he hopes to become a citizen.

27 Sep 2012 13:47

Marketing pays off: iPhone 5 frenzy builds ahead of today's release
Marketing pays off: iPhone 5 frenzy builds ahead of today's release

SAN FRANCISCO, US: Gadget lovers have flooded Apple with pre-orders and set up camp outside the company's real-world stores to get their hands on the new generation iPhone 5 set for release today. [Video]

21 Sep 2012 07:25

John Ginsberg
Renewed mobile Facebook focus, iPhone 5 launch: Ignore mobile at your peril

The recent announcement by Facebook of its increased focus in the mobile space, coupled with the fevered interest following the iPhone 5 launch, should be seen as a timely reminder to companies to seriously consider mobile as part of their existing multi-channel communications strategy.

By John Ginsberg 19 Sep 2012 06:50

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