John is involved in a software as a service company called Ensight. The company is building a marketing platform that helps companies automate communication across multiple channels. Follow @johnginsberg on Twitter.
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John Ginsberg
[Marketing & Media] I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't focus on this site for more than 5 minutes because there's an annoying shaking banner ad on the right of every page. Can we have an "off switch" please?
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John Ginsberg
Hello everyone! :)
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Brands! Manage your social media platforms effectively during crises

While the importance of having an online social media presence is becoming an increasingly critical form of consumer engagement and brand sustainability, businesses need to understand the potential repercussions of failing to manage their social media channels properly, especially during a crisis.

By John Ginsberg 12 Oct 2012

Renewed mobile Facebook focus, iPhone 5 launch: Ignore mobile at your peril

The recent announcement by Facebook of its increased focus in the mobile space, coupled with the fevered interest following the iPhone 5 launch, should be seen as a timely reminder to companies to seriously consider mobile as part of their existing multi-channel communications strategy.

By John Ginsberg 19 Sep 2012

Multichannel strategy shows major operational benefits

Most companies run their marketing functions in a fragmented manner that is completely out of step with the reality of a multichannel world. They need to treat integration of marketing functions and data across channels as an urgent priority if they are to drive the maximum benefit from their marketing investments.

By John Ginsberg 13 Dec 2011

Between a rock and a hard place: How should marketers deal with new channels?

One of the most astute assessments of the relationship between humans and technology appears in the glossary of The Handbook of Technology Management under Technology Readiness which, according to the book, is the "propensity to use and adopt technologies for accomplishing goals in one's personal and professional life."

By John Ginsberg 15 Jul 2011

Using 'the science of shopping' to track-and-target

LONDON, UK: Environmental psychologist Paco Underhill firmly believes that our environment influences our behaviour. He found a powerful (and profitable) application for his theories in the retail environment and founded what is now known simply as "The Science of Shopping."

By John Ginsberg 12 Jul 2011

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