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[2011 trends] Ever-changing ad industry, constantly developing trends

So what we can expect to see in 2011? The industry is always changing and new trends are constantly developing and therefore it is crucial to keep the following top of mind.
  1. Add value:

    Value is the bottom line with any brand - we need to be adding value in everything we do. This is a trend that has always been around, and will stay around. With budgets still being tight, it is crucial to provide value in every single way possible.

  2. It's all about relationships:

    2010 saw South Africa and the rest of Africa - its brands, its people and its companies - unite as a continent. By building relationships and collaborating with our neighbouring countries, we strengthen what we have to offer as a country. This is a growing trend in the industry and we are slowly starting to get our foot in the door across African soil.

  3. Creativity counts:

    Creativity. Full stop.

    Creative ideas are the backbone of any successful advertising campaign. The advertising industry is competitive and it is essential that all creative ideas set an agency apart from their competitors; the trend for constantly breaking borders with creativity is growing rapidly.

  4. Local is lekker:

    Localised orientation and content is a trend in SA (and African) advertising campaigns. SA cultures and brands go hand-in-hand and advertising campaigns are focusing on specific SA cultures, visions and achievements.

  5. We get you:

    Getting to know your client, brand and consumer is crucial. No campaign can be successful without a proper understanding of client culture. There is a growing trend to build direct relationships with clients and thus gain a greater understanding of the brand, and therefore their advertising campaigns.

  6. Strategy:

    This is obvious and still remains a trend. Strategy is the backbone of any good advertising campaign and is crucial from the get-go. An advertising strategy makes great advertising.

  7. Digital destiny:

    Digital ad campaigns are growing at a rapid pace. Social networking, viral and website marketing are all trends that we have seen and we will be seeing more of in 2011. The world is going digital and it is important that we are all aware of this and follow these trends.

  8. Go green or go home:

    As clichéd as it might seem, more and more brands are "going green". Brands are beginning to focus their advertising campaigns around "going green", illustrating that they are aware of the impact of global warming, and what they are doing to make a difference.

    Consumers are also aware of what brands are "green" and this sets some brands apart in consumers' minds.

  9. Emotions:

    Targeting people's emotions has always been a trend in the advertising world. We are, however, seeing more of this, especially in SA. When a campaign has an emotional element or something people relate well to, it works. Whether it's heart-warming or something comical, there has to be some level of emotional impact.

  10. Make us part of your plan:

    Advertising plays a huge role in every business strategy and there is a trend with companies incorporating this into their overall business strategies and plans. When a company strategises their overall business objectives, goals and roles, advertising plays a crucial part in the development of these.

  11. Collaboration with creatives:

    The collaboration between advertising agencies and other media related agencies (PR, digital, etc) is becoming a constant with nearly all campaigns. Developing these relationships results in seamless brand understanding and therefore better advertising.

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About the author

Adene van der Walt is the strategic planning director at Ireland/Davenport (, where she is the brains behind brands such as MTN, BMW and South African Tourism. Previous clients include UNICEF, South African Post Office, Peugeot, Engen and Red Cross Children's Hospital. Deeply curious, Adene has worked in strategy around the world - from Cape Town to New York - and has working experience in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore and America. She has a BA in journalism and a postgraduate degree in strategic marketing from the AAA School of Advertising. Contact her on tel +27 (0)11 463 2252 or email .


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