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YoungGuns winners to be announced

NEW YORK, US: YGAward 2012 winners and finalists will be revealed on 17 December.
YoungGuns is a barometer for the future and the ideas and young talent recognised here are the ones that will change the way you work - say the organisers.

If you want to see the best of now - look to Cannes, D&AD, Clio etc; if you want to see the best of tomorrow; what to watch out for; who to be worried about - look to YoungGuns.

YoungGuns is different. It is not just an award show. It is what, and who the future is.

Advertising (Creative + Media), Digital and Student shortlists are currently available on

Design and PR shortlists will be released soon.

Please contact us if any shortlisted information is incorrect, as it will be used for the Winners and Finalists showcase, certificates and Bullets, if applicable.

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