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Corelynx to offer market-specific CRM customisation solutions to global entrepreneurs

NEWARK, US: Corelynx has plans to offer exclusive cloud CRM customisation solutions to entrepreneurs in the global market. The California-based firm is in operation since 2006 and has made quite a name for itself in offering software customisation solutions using open source.
Cloud adoption has earned great popularity in the last few years. Companies now are more confident than before to have their data hosted in a remote server as they are experiencing economical as well as competitive advantages in moving their business software to cloud environment. Hosting customer relationship management in the virtual environment resulted in better management of sales and improved customer retention rate. Firms that have already adopted cloud CRM solutions are experiencing significant improvement in their return on investment. The market research firm Gartner has predicted a growth of 50% in cloud CRM adoption by enterprises by 2020.

Customisation facilitated

Adoption of SaaS CRM also allows firms to customise the platform that is more suitable to conduct business. Firms are more in favour of adopting a CRM solution that allows them easy customisation of the interface. CRM customisation is now one of the fastest growing markets worldwide. Open source CRM programmes such as Salesforce and SugarCRM allow clients to customise the platform to meet their respective industry requirements and are most popular.

Corelynx was one of the early adopters of cloud computing and has garnered experience in offering software customisation solutions using open source. Sugar CRM customisation is one of their core expertise areas that includes building custom applications, migration to Sugar CRM, integration and installation of CRM to business environment.

The company has built a resourceful team of software professionals to offer market specific customisation solutions to clients. They work with client from beginning to end to help him custom built his SugarCRM platform. Their success lies in implementing innovative and timely solutions.

Expansion plans

Corelynx currently has plans to expand its client base and enter the international market as one of the primary CRM customisation solution providers. To achieve the target it has already started a development centre at Salt Lake City of Kolkata, India.

"We have tasted success in the domestic market and now have plans to introduce ourselves as global player for custom-built CRMs. With timely execution of our plan we are optimistic that we can become a trusted name for all your customer relationship management software solution in the coming days," said Manash Chaudhuri, CEO, Corelynx Inc.

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Brad Hodson
"The market research firm Gartner has predicted a growth of 50% in cloud CRM adoption by enterprises by 2020."Gartner also said that for the past 10 years CRM has had an adoption rate at lower than 50%, and that companies who had CRM were hardly even using it.The good thing here is that you have a custom solution, which is sometimes one of the only ways to get a good piece of software that you can know will work. Another way is to come up with a really simple function interface and test it out on several verticals to perfect it, much like what JobNimbus () did with their CRM software.Either way, something needs to be actively done to combat the poor adoption rate and make that Gartner dream come true.
Posted on 9 Feb 2013 07:16