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Five best ingredients to produce high-quality content

I know all of you have been through this. You've been fighting to produce high quality content that can convert. Writing high-quality content is a choice. You need to put your heart and soul to produce great content and build a brand that can thrive.
In order to get higher up in the search rankings, get traffic, generate leads and make sales, you need to produce high-quality content or you’ll get penalized. In fact, Google also wants to rewards sites and blogs with high quality content that's original.

Whatever you start producing content for, whether it’s a personal hobby or for your business, you need to do it right and here are the five best ingredients you need to make sure to include as you aim to prepare a high-quality content.

1. Keep it original

You need to stop banish and bloating as you are set to prepare high quality content. Original content go along with Google and your readers. If you copy other people’s content, which you might need to sometimes, you can crush your bottom line and it will eventually hit you back. Google’s search algorithms and updates are aimed to prevent bad and copied from their search rankings.

You always need to keep your ideas original. Rehashing and spinning the same concept from other people’s post is doing nothing good. Even when you are set to write a cover letter, there’s no point in copying or spinning a good content you find online. Why? Well, because if you are copying good content online, how in the world are you going to beat them with similar content? High quality content will reward you in the long-run for sure when you keep it original.

2. Create a great headline

Did you know that 80% of people who surf online read something because of the headlines? Well, of those 80% who come to your site, only 20% are going to read the whole content. But, if your headline is catchy and out of the world, you have an added benefit. People will follow you, they’ll read you and they’ll come back again.

3. Provide answers

What is the point in writing something if you don’t have any answers in it? Type a query on the Google search and you’ll see content, images and videos shown on the first page related to your search string. When people type something in Google, they ultimately want some answers and that is what your content needs to do too.

Also, people just don’t want answers; they want it quick and fast. You need to make sure that people can scan your content easily and juice up what they wanted to know.

4. Be accurate

When you write content, you expect thousands of people to read it. And, what if something that you wrote was inaccurate? Can you think of the damage that it can cause to your reputation? If there are any issues with your blog posts, it’ll impact the people who read you and yourself too.

If you are thinking to start a blog, you need to make sure that the statistics you’ve included within are verified. Make sure to source them as well. Accuracy is what’s considered the first-tier requirement in blogging and it builds trust with your readers if you remain truthful.

5. Keep it relevant

I know you’ve heard that longer content ranks better than the short ones. But writing longer content does not mean that you need to write about what you had in your breakfast or who you met during the coffee break yesterday. Try to eliminate fluffs as much as you can and make sure to make a significantly better composition.

There can be nothing better than brief content that is filled with all the information. Forget about the word count. Keeping posts short is more difficult and takes a long time than writing whatever you can, plus, they convert well.

If you want to grow your company or your blog and build a reputation through your content, you need to make sure of these five essential ingredients and you are all good to go.

About Hicks Crawford

Hicks Crawford is a leading Online Marketing Business and author. Over the past 4 years, he's worked closely with clients from all over the world to help them get more results from inbound marketing and blogging. Through experience, he has mastered some of the most powerful Tech, Content Marketing and Social Media Platforms