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Year 2020: Why is the world so zoomed?

Almost every country of the world has selected some worthy or some abstract and ambitious targets towards the year 2020.
The national populace and each country's leadership both have jointly adopted the notion that something very big and positive is going to culminate at year 2020. Are they right? Yes they are, because when global human psyche voluntarily selects such forceful notions it creates its own momentum and at times amazing bounce-back. But why wasn't this the case with 2010? Here is the analysis on the usage of the numeric 2020 and global nomenclature issues.

For almost a century, folks were conditioned to sit in optometrist offices and dream of having perfect normal eyesight, or the standard 20-20 vision. In time, the number 20-20 crossed over into the business world and slowly became a symbol of 'clarity of vision' moulded into the corporate nomenclature for organisations to claim their foresighted acuity and even at times for blindsided misdirection ... but it worked. Having a 20-20 vision is now accepted as a great foresighted vision way over and above eyesight acuity.

The numeric 2 got surprising popularity towards the '60s, among the accidental provocateurs of this numeric was the brilliance of Arthur C. Clarke the writer of "2001: Space Odyssey" in 1968 and later "2010: Odyssey Two" in 1982. During those Chevy Impala and Elvis days 'space' became mind-boggling fantasy of time where Stanley Kubrick, the master cinematographer of all time, used low tech to create super high-tech space experiences and jumped the world's imagination by a leap of 50 years into year 2001. For the spaced-out culture of the period, real space became a new frontier. This was precursor to the moon landing in 1969 that validated space-bound outreach programs.

The numeric 2 got further attention, as after the '80s the next jump obviously became the change of the millennium, therefore hordes of name brands around '2000' were created and it became fashionable to refer to 2000 as a sign of smart knowledge and technology.

The year 1999 is also a big story, for completing the last year of the millennium, unlike the previous transition during the year 1000 when the Dark Ages tepidly moved into year 1001, the transition of year 2000 was in modern times in electronic age and massive global awareness.

On that note, the modern world was mesmerised with the arrival of the new millennium, but its thunder was robbed in daylight by another more mystique alpha-numeric combo of Y2K , basically a well-cooked global fraud, where business all over the world were held hostages to fix and upgrade their computer systems for not being able to handle such an important date switch at midnight, thus causing planes to fall from the sky, multi-story building lifts to stick and ICBM rockets to be activated on their own at the final hour. It worked; the fear-mongering teams were rewarded in billions in upgrades.

On the eve of Y2K (or 2000) nothing happened, followed by a prolonged silence till 2001 came around. In reality the millennium last year was 2000 not 1999 while 2001 was technically the biggest transition but 2000 already had stolen the show along with Y2K

The year 2020 is the latest and biggest invention of global psyche to be universally gravitated to this supremacy value.... if the optometrist of the world had used some other number, 2010 or 2015 something similar would possibly happen, on those transitions.

All over the world, pick any country and enter the country's name with 2020 and you'll find amazing documents showcasing special targeted goals and brilliant ideas all lined up in this miraculous calendar phase. It is important to note how global psyche works on such matters. Individual nations have decided to prove their own supremacy as part of a global mind share. Here, 2020 is being considered as an exclusive nationwide date and surprisingly without being unaware about this sudden movement.

Dubai Expo 2020

The real winners on the global stage are of course His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the ruler of Dubai and the people of UAE. The only serious and earth-shattering event in the world happening is Expo 2020. Now is this an extraordinary numerical coincidence or what? Well done Dubai, very smart play.

We refer to the decades of the last century in numbers, like 'roaring '20s' and if you notice we had no way to refer to our current times since 1999 or the last '90s of the last millennium. We had entered the year of the zeros, 2001 all the way 2020...and only after year that we will start once again seeing our time being referred to as ''20s', possibly the 'roaring '20s' once again - and why not.

Eyesight acuity of 20-20 is very important for everyone but especially if you are pilot and having great 'vision' or 20-20 is equally very important especially if you are a leader, although in life in general it's most important to know which you are headed - no matter what type of spectacles you use. Whatever your needs are and whichever way you are headed, welcome to 2020 as it will be a great one all over the world.

Global masses take a very long time to learn something but once they have accepted it, they follow it unconsciously without asking any logical questions. Image supremacy games based on such sensitivities and nomenclature rules apply such knowledge at times. Once a large elephant named Jumbo left an image and the word became its own story board. There are hundreds of such issues controlling our perceptions of source knowledge. Such tactics are also used in negative propaganda mechanisms to create agenda-centric perceptions and images. Therefore, advanced skills need deployment to cope with global perception issues.

About Naseem Javed

Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher and founder of the Image Supremacy Movement. He is a world recognised authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. He is founder of ABC Namebank, a world-class speaker, syndicated columnist and author of several books. His recent work on entrepreneurial leadership and innovative performance Mentorian Worldwide ( is getting global attention. Contact him on LinkedIn: