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eNCA and eNews Prime Time get a distinct new look

On Monday, 1 September 2014, eNCA (channel 403 on DStv), eNuus (Channel 144 on DStv), Izindaba, eNews Africa, eNews Prime Time and introduces a new visual identity, a more contemporary look to create a visual expression that showcases e.Sat TV's vision as a world-class news broadcaster.

New look: eNCA

All on-air logos, stings and graphics have been updated with fresh designs and aerial urban photographs of city landscapes. This will strengthen the positioning in the viewer's mind and keep the brands fresh and relevant. The imagery unfolds on screen and takes the brand forward with a distinct edge, distinguishing it from all other news channels.

"News is constantly changing because our reality is evolving. News makes people feel more connected and in touch with their world. The new look is contemporary and urban, and hopefully does this," said Cecil Lyons, Head of Marketing at eNCA.

According to Monde Twala, Managing Director for, "It's amazing what a new and fresh look can do to reposition a product. It compels a fresher approach, a sharper presentation and elevated enthusiasm in a team. The viewers will notice this when they switch on this September."

The website is also undergoing a rebrand as it marks its first-year anniversary. The site has enjoyed great success in a short period, both in terms of the online product and its audience. The official Effective Measure numbers show that the site attracted over 730,000 unique browsers this July, which is unprecedented in South Africa for such a young site.

"The relaunch corresponds with a refresh of the eNCA brand, which users will see reflected not just in a new logo but also in a lighter, brighter, more open website with content categories delineated more clearly on the home page and section landing pages," said Tim Spira, General Manager of

Many of the sections have been expanded to provide a broader selection of content, the most notable being the Africa section, which will now include dedicated subsections for west, east and southern Africa. Broader and deeper pan-African content has always been a key part of the growth strategy, given the extensive skill and experience of the Africa content desk in Johannesburg and bureaus in Nairobi and Lagos.'s press office is South Africa's first private free-to-air television channel. Launched in 1998, the channel broadcasts a full-spectrum programming service to 78% of South Africa's population. is owned by black empowerment group Hosken Consolidated Investments Limited and Venfin Limited.
Marcio Quintal
Three logos in the space of three years.CNN has had the same logo since 1980, and the BBC has had theirs since 1997.If you want an iconic brand then you need to find a logo that will stand the test of time.
Posted on 1 Sep 2014 16:33