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Take exotic destinations with a travel concierge!

Preparing for a journey but you cannot find a minute to check the availability of tickets or flights or accommodation? Then a travel concierge is just what you need.
(Image: From Concierge Travel Services website)
When there are other pressing tasks waiting your attention, then you need to make use of an organisation that will do whatever you need, for you.

Being untypical

People have peculiar demands; they want the hired services to pay attention to them because sometimes the biggest reasons for hiring a concierge are too small to be a part of any marketing or service brochure from these companies. Customisation is the key to success - but it is the most difficult part.

Just to give some idea of the weirdest or strangest (or most exotic) of demands...

A surprise anniversary celebration in a hot air balloon over Masai Mara

The idea is to amaze your beloved because this has never been in your character as far as she sees you. And, the location couldn't be any more romantic than the natural setting of Kenya. Masai Mara is a well-known national reserve and the quintessential destination for viewing wildlife. Regular safaris are a part of travel itinerary, but Hot Air (balloon trip with champagne) will jazz up the whole experience. Do not worry about other things like accommodation and rest of the holidays after the balloon trip, as personal concierge services will look after them.

Underwater adventure wedding in the Caribbean or Solomon Islands

As far as the suggestion of which island goes, they can vary according to the individual's or couple's interests, but the underwater wedding stays where it should. An adventurous wedding, surrounded by a spectacular marine life (including multicoloured corals and sponges) bathed in strobe lights, is completed with a scuba-diving-suit-adorned couple and priest. The picture is extremely tantalising to bizarre creative minds. Being different is a gift to be enjoyed and cherished.

An unplanned escape to Northern or Southern lights

Aurora Borealis. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
Northern as well as Southern lights are a natural occurrence - and they are spectacular when they occur, so if you are thinking of surprising your beloved in a most exceptional way, you will need to be precisely informed about the months of the occurrence of the lights (travel concierge - your aide). Getting to see Aurora Borealis (northern) is slightly easier than Aurora Australis (southern) due to extreme weather at the Poles. Being delicate or susceptible to such conditions can ruin the party or mood, hence the caution.

Invoking the 'Stranger' in You

Assisting people in their personal and professional tasks has come to a long way and VIPs are using concierge for their best of the advantages. The above gives examples of exotic escapes. Experiences that can horrify an individual could be a source of great adrenalin rush for another. Any such custom demand (inconceivable by others) is taken care of by the people/companies specialising in getting it done. Are you ready with yours? Ready to meet your stranger-self?

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