Josephine Wawira

Global PR Assistant at Jumia Travel
Location:Nairobi, Kenya


Josephine Wawira is a consultant in communication and public relations with over six years of progressive writing and broadcast experience. She is currently a writer for Africa's online hotel booking portal, Jumia Travel, focusing in the areas of travel, tourism, and hospitality as it relates to Africa.
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Promotion of Kenya's tourism key to its growth

Kenya's tourism industry has undergone challenges such as the uncertainty surrounding the political landscape in 2017. Yet, its resilient performance has been impactfully felt on the Kenyan economy...

By Josephine Wawira 14 Aug 2018

Demystifying luxury tourism: A case study on Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa

Luxury tourism is being redefined just like every aspect of the hospitality industry. From marketing to an older, wealthier generation, luxury tourism has evolved to include a younger generation in the rising middle class...

By Josephine Wawira 2 Aug 2018

The state and potential of the aviation sector in Kenya

Jumia Travel engages Kelvin Mwasi, the commercial manager of Skyward Express to shed some light on the state and potential of the aviation sector in Kenya...

By Josephine Wawira 26 Jul 2018

The impact of technology and OTAs on the hospitality industry

"As industry players become more tech savvy, there needs to be a balance between technology and human interaction. It is necessary to keep up with competition and global trends which are stirring creativity and innovativeness."

By Josephine Wawira 19 Jul 2018

Technology trends shaping the hospitality sector

Technology is progressively becoming the backbone of the hospitality sector, and the impact is significantly being felt by hoteliers in their interactions with consumers...

By Josephine Wawira 12 Jul 2018

Importance of innovation and digitalisation in growing tourism

The industry is experiencing a great deal of innovative disruption, with trends such as virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), and mobile bookings and payments taking centre stage...

By Josephine Wawira 21 Jun 2018

E-commerce penetration in Kenya ramping up travel

Travellers' resolve and ability to purchase services on the move has increased the reliance on mobile devices, thus giving service providers who invest in easy-to-use apps a rising edge...

By Josephine Wawira 9 Feb 2018

Travel and hospitality trends to dominate in 2018

Various tech solutions, diversification of services by hotels, and the surge of millennial travel are just some of the highlights that marked 2017. The question is, will these continue to dominate in 2018?

By Josephine Wawira 26 Jan 2018

62 million international arrivals in Africa in 2017

According to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, Africa reached a record of 62 million international arrivals translating to a growth of 8%, which supersedes that of the international number of...

By Josephine Wawira 22 Jan 2018

Tourism grows in prominence as African governments position the sector in their agenda

With improved investment and aggressive positioning in both the public and the private sector's growth agenda, the sky - for destination Africa - is the limit...

By Josephine Wawira 5 Dec 2017

Capitalising on the health-conscious traveller

The year is ending on a high note, with most people checking off their lists for the achieved and not so well-done objectives set in January...

By Josephine Wawira 4 Dec 2017

The importance of culinary tourism to travel destinations

Modern-day travellers are more experiential in all aspects of their journey; from cultural immersion to local food sampling, a trend that has become a major influence in the growth of travel destinations...

By Josephine Wawira 22 Nov 2017

US revokes economic sanctions against Sudan: What it means for hospitality businesses

News of the revocation of economic sanctions against Sudan by the United States government is music to the ears of businesses and investors interested in Africa's third largest country...

By Josephine Wawira 18 Oct 2017

World tourism remains resilient despite global uncertainties

“This is the sixth year in a row that travel and tourism have outpaced the global economy, showing the sector's resilience, and the eagerness of people to continue to travel and discover new places..."

By Josephine Wawira 13 Oct 2017

Hotel bookings: Reviews and seamless payment methods take lead as drivers in online purchase

An analysis of the Q3 Customer Behavior and Online Trends released by Jumia Travel, reveals insights into customer shopping habits and forecasts predictions for online hotel bookings...

By Josephine Wawira 9 Oct 2017

Exploring Kenya's Masai Mara through the eyes of a hotelier

Kenya boasts of diverse destinations that remain major attractions for tourists from across the world. From the classic wildlife safaris

By Josephine Wawira 14 Sep 2017

The role of online travel in unlocking Africa's tourism potential

In today's globally digital world, tourism related businesses are striving to position themselves on the online map. The travel sector is one that has, over the years, evolved in its online presence...

By Josephine Wawira 30 Aug 2017

Nairobi sees 22% boost in domestic air travel capacity

Nairobi is the only city in Africa whose airports are recording higher growth for domestic capacity than that of international capacity, with a 22% boost...

By Josephine Wawira 18 Aug 2017

The perfect jobs for travel enthusiasts

Is travel your everyday dose? Here are five jobs that are perfect for those wishing to venture into a more exciting career in line with their travel desires...

By Josephine Wawira 28 Jul 2017

Hospitality and tourism's relevance to African markets

The ripple effect tourism's advancement has created is largely noticeable, especially in its contribution to the continent's economy...

By Josephine Wawira 17 Jul 2017

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