Josephine Wawira

Global PR Assistant at Jumia Travel
Location:Nairobi, Kenya


Josephine Wawira is a consultant in communication and public relations with over six years of progressive writing and broadcast experience. She is currently a writer for Africa's online hotel booking portal, Jumia Travel, focusing in the areas of travel, tourism, and hospitality as it relates to Africa.
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Nairobi sees 22% boost in domestic air travel capacity

Nairobi is the only city in Africa whose airports are recording higher growth for domestic capacity than that of international capacity, with a 22% boost...

By Josephine Wawira 1 day ago

The perfect jobs for travel enthusiasts

Is travel your everyday dose? Here are five jobs that are perfect for those wishing to venture into a more exciting career in line with their travel desires...

By Josephine Wawira 28 Jul 2017

Hospitality and tourism's relevance to African markets

The ripple effect tourism's advancement has created is largely noticeable, especially in its contribution to the continent's economy...

By Josephine Wawira 17 Jul 2017

Tourism and hospitality playing a key role in the growth of African economies

Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Djibouti are the African countries among the 10 fastest growing economies globally in 2017. In Ethiopia, travel and tourism directly contributed to...

By Josephine Wawira 29 Jun 2017

Steady growth of internet penetration in Africa a boost for e-tourism

There are approximately 345 million internet users in Africa, representing 9.3% of the total population. This reflects the opportunity for tourism and hospitality industry players in exploiting the internet to grow e-tourism...

By Josephine Wawira 9 Jun 2017

Harnessing the power of technology to benefit African tourism businesses

Using technology to connect African nations through tourism will grow the continent's economy and improve its competitiveness with other global tourist destinations...

By Josephine Wawira 24 May 2017

The raging online battle between OTAs and hotels

As hotels consistently push for direct bookings, so are Online Travel Agents (OTAs) pushing to continue leading in the online hotel market.

By Josephine Wawira 11 May 2017

Trends shaping hospitality in the second quarter of 2017

The second quarter of 2017 is expected to experience a further revolution of existing as well as emerging trends...

By Josephine Wawira 3 May 2017

The iGeneration is the new travel and hospitality disruptor

The incessant tale of the millennials taking over the travel industry has brought with it the rise of another group. By 2020 the iGeneration will account for approximately 40% of all consumers with disposable income to travel...

By Josephine Wawira 2 May 2017

The importance of Africa's middle-class in the hospitality industry

A rising middle-class, especially concentrated in urban areas, is a contributor to the expansion of hotels in the continent...

By Josephine Wawira 6 Apr 2017

Explore Africa's havens for bikers

From mountain biking to road cycling, BMX racing, or just leisure biking, Africa is an awe-inspiring destination for bikers across the world...

By Josephine Wawira 22 Mar 2017

Hotel fitness centres, a new gold in the hospitality industry

The growing trend from home based fitness programmes to local fitness memberships, now includes the need for travellers to keep fit even when on their trips, be it leisure or business...

By Josephine Wawira 10 Mar 2017

The best conferencing facilities in Africa 2017

The MICE industry is booming in Africa, with countries investing millions of dollars in constructing or renovating existing conference facilities...

By Josephine Wawira 8 Mar 2017

Examining the state of hotel development in Africa

According to a report by the W-Hospitality Group, a total of 365 hotel chain development pipelines were reported in Africa in 2016, with 64,231 rooms...

By Josephine Wawira 27 Feb 2017

Ethiopia's tourism potential yet to be fully exploited

The country is looking for a transformational growth that will take the sector to the next level, marketing Ethiopia locally and internationally to list the country among Africa's top five destinations...

By Josephine Wawira 22 Feb 2017

Personalising hotel guest experience by leveraging tech

Providing a personalised experience to guests is key to having a competitive advantage in the hotel industry...

By Josephine Wawira 17 Feb 2017

Flux in luxury travel and what to know

While conventional travel is associated with low-cost adventure, travellers are increasingly shifting gear and are willing to part with the extra dollar for extra special attention and services...

By Josephine Wawira 13 Feb 2017

African tourism expected to grow further in 2017

A boost in African tourism is simultaneous to the economic growth being experienced across many parts of the continent...

By Josephine Wawira 26 Jan 2017

2017 hotel trends to look out for

The hotel industry is continuously evolving and as curtains quickly fall on 2016, more evolution is expected in the coming year. Here are top hotel trends that are likely to dominate the sector in 2017...

By Josephine Wawira 11 Jan 2017

Mobile phones usage for travel

In the latest report on how people use phones for travel, Google in collaboration with Ipsos has provided insights on the influences mobile devices have on travellers' decisions...

By Josephine Wawira 6 Dec 2016

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