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[Biz Takeouts Podcast] 100: Our 100th episode with Helen Zille, TEDx Cape Town

Yesterday, Thursday, 7 August, marked the 100th episode of the Biz Takeouts Marketing and Media Radio show! For 100 shows we have brought you the hottest interviews, insights and issues from African and South African marketing, media, digital and ad industry leaders, and this week was no different. [twitterfall]
Show host Warren Harding (@bizWazza) interviewed leader of Democractic Alliance (@DA_News) and Premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille (@helenzille), to find out more about the role of marketing and social media in politics.

On to the upcoming TEDx Cape Town (@tedxcapetown) 2014 event, themed 'Design your Thinking' and taking place on 16 and 17 August at the Cape Town City Hall, TEDx Cape Town founder and motivator, Justin Beswick (@justinbeswick) filled us in on the event history and details while event speaker and Urban Designer, Kirsten Wilkins, shared what TEDx Cape Town and Design your Thinking mean to her.


We also have a TEDx Cape Town event ticket to give away. All you need to do to enter is:
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Winners will be announced on Wednesday, 13 August via Twitter.

If you missed the show, which airs every Thursday 9-10am streamed live via 2oceansVibe Radio, make sure you listen to this week's podcast. [twitterfall]

Lineup highlights

Bizcommunity What is the role of social media in politics?
Helen Zille:
Connectivity is the future, it's not only the future of marketing and politics, it is also the future of education, of service delivery in general, of safety and security as well. We can solve many problems by using these incredible platforms to the best of our ability.

Bizcommunity Who or what exactly is TED and TEDx?
Justin Beswick:
To take a quick look back, TED stands for Technology, Entertianment and Design and started out in 1984 when they saw the convergence of these fields overlapping with one another. Back then, people were talking about CDs and Macintosh computers, but this was the start and people saw the magic of TED. Since then it has evolved into the space we are now.

In 2006 they saw the hunger for TED talks with some frustration from people about the fees and the limited seats at events. They then opened the talks under creative commons and shared the content on TED, a place where most people come to learn and be entertained online. In 2009 it came about that people wanted to watch TED, but wanted more local content in their own localised environment, so TEDx began, and is basically independently organised TED events and we as TEDx Cape Town hold a licence to host local TED conferences.

Bizcommunity What is the one thing you would like people to take away from TEDx Cape Town this year?
Kirsten Wilkins:
The biggest reason to come to TEDx Cape Town is to remember what it feels like to be open minded. So if nothing you hear changes you, remember that feeling of going there to be changed.

Find out more about TEDx Cape Town and the 2014 event on

The news roundup covered:

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Episode 100: Our 100th episode with Helen Zille, TEDx Cape Town

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