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New recruitment tactic could revolutionise market

Hiring Bounty, a new local tech start-up, is set to revolutionise the way in which companies hire staff, by harnessing the power of the people within your own social circle. In this way, skilled candidates can be found and placed at a lower cost than by using recruitment agents.
People within your social circle have the most up-to-date information regarding your skills and career aspirations. Coupled with their ability to send you communication you will actually engage, the crowd is best placed to match candidates with employers.

When asked about Hiring Bounty's aspiration, MD Greg Schneider said: "Hiring Bounty plans to capitalise on the connections of people to make recruiters obsolete." After battling to find a job that matched both his skill set and personality, Schneider became frustrated with the countless irrelevant mails from recruiters. "I studied online marketing, but kept getting offered jobs in IT. Before long I was adding recruiters to my "Spam" list. After recommending a few varsity friends for a job, I realised that there is a better way to match candidates and employers."

Free job listings

Listing jobs on the site is free; employers set a bounty, which is then split three ways between the referrer, the successful candidate and Hiring Bounty. The bounty is only paid when an employer hires a candidate referred by the site. This risk-free approach to recruitment has already resulted in major brands, such as Woolworths and Groupon, list jobs on the site at launch.

Hiring Bounty has launched out of Silicon Cape and aims to disrupt the recruitment industry globally. To find out more about the crowdsourcing of recruitment or to harness the power of the crowd to find your next hire, go to or contact Greg Schneider on +27 (0)82 777 2551.