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CareerJunction calls on all developers in its latest campaign and off-world ‘film trailer'

Ready for an epic new journey in IT? Demand for developers (JAVA, C#, .Net and Python) has skyrocketed and with a skills scarcity in South Africa (and pretty much everywhere on the planet), opportunities for developers are plentiful.
To highlight this, CareerJunction embarked on a campaign to appeal to both tech and sci-fi-loving jobseekers, using a format that’s familiar to most; a movie trailer. To date, over 50,000 people have watched the trailer via CareerJunction’s social media pages (you can watch it below).

The ongoing campaign introduces developers to the many jobs available in South Africa. To appeal to this demographic's adventurous spirit, we’ve made everyone the #HeroZeroOne of the narrative.

Expanding on #HeroZeroOne universe, CareerJunction also launched campaigns on a variety of SA’s top tech news sites to spread the news.

Explore thousands of dev jobs here and be the #HeroZeroOne of your own career journey.

CareerJunction's press office

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