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Leisure Books launches school readiness programme

Leisure Books has launched a school readiness programme, Mysmartkid, focusing on the all-round development of children in the 0-6 age group.
A subscription-based continuity programme, it uses toys, tools and play-based activities to promote school readiness and the reaching of key developmental milestones in the field of early childhood development (ECD).

Offers peace of mind

The programme also includes a website with an online shop for members and non-members as well as suggested activities and expert advice. It is also available in Afrikaans as Myslimkind.

John Samson, business manager of Mysmartkid, said, "The new programme is a convenient, fuss-free, value-for-money investment in your child's future. Our aim is to offer peace of mind and convenience for parents and parents-to-be who often find themselves overwhelmed by an avalanche of information, advice and childhood paraphernalia.

"It offers them a one-stop-shop solution of advice, activities and toys backed by experts to help their children reach their developmental milestones in a fun way in the comfort of their home."

Information newsletter

Members sign up to the programme on a 12-month basis. Every two months they receive a 'Smartbox' of curated items, usually toys, educational products and activities, targeted to their child's age group. Accompanying this is a full-colour newsletter packed with relevant advice and information and tips on how to use the material with their children.

A key benefit is the involvement of a panel of leading ECD experts. "Professionals from the fields of occupational and play therapy and child psychology, themselves parents, have helped develop the programme and will continue to play a key role. Their expertise and insights are instrumental in keeping the programme relevant, targeted and up-to-date."

Key benefits

The programme is available for a subscription fee of R295 every second month, which includes free delivery of the Smartbox. Members will also receive targeted age-appropriate email newsletters with additional information, advice and activities. Other key benefits include:
    • Free welcome gifts of a children's backpack (valued at R175) and an exclusive handbook, written by an occupational therapist, giving parents a step-by-step outline of their child's ECD milestones
    • Member login access to the website with its free information, expert advice and ideas for further play-based activities promoting ECD milestones
    • Exclusive members-only discounts through the online shop
    • A monthly member newsletter with expert advice, tips and information for parents
    • Immediate access to an online parent forum
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