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27 Boxes relaunches

Melville's 27 Boxes, a mall made from shipping containers, only built in 2014, is already undergoing a a revamp in order to remain relevant as a family and entertainment destination. The relaunch takes place on Friday evening, 17 November.

New facilities will include water features, open air amphitheatres, sculptured gardens and other features.

Shopping centres have historically been a place to shop, gather socially and eat, and these basic values are still a major draw for today’s shoppers. However, the design and delivery of services are markedly different today, requiring a new approach to keep people engaged.

CEO of Citiq Gustave Holtzhausen saw the potential and decided to work closely with the Melville Residents Association, for the overhaul of the centre and to bring it back to the heart of the community.

Leading in the revamp is Leon Pretorius, owner of The Countess restaurant, who volunteered to be the turnaround manager.

Explaining why they decide to integrate the centre with the community, Pretorius says they believe that the viability and success of the centre is largely dependent on residents utilising it as well.

The mall opened its doors in June 2015 and is home to a number of fashion designers and art galleries, as well as interior design and home décor shops.

What’s also appealing about the venue is that it abides by the 'local is lekker' philosophy of promoting home-grown brands and creativity.

Shipping containers have long been associated with pop-up malls and temporary exhibition stands. They have also provided the basic building blocks for a number of internationally acclaimed retail developments, such as Box Park in London and a retail park in Christchurch, New Zealand.
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