Subscribe to industry newsletters launches dedicated sports store has announced that it now hosts South Africa's largest online only sports store, offering over a thousand sport products including its new range of bicycles, cycling gear and accessories.
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The wide range of sporting apparel, shoes, equipment & accessories on offer spans across most sport categories including: running (trail and road), cycling, rugby, soccer, cricket, swimming, tennis, squash and more from brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Asics, New Balance, Dunlop, Canterbury, Gunn & Moore, Speedo and Trek, among others.

"We recognise that cycling is one of South Africa's fastest growing sports and therefore recently added a comprehensive range of bicycles, cycling gear and accessories," says CEO Kim Reid. "Along with the rest of the product catalogue, we believe the website will be well received by the South African public, which is discovering the benefits of online shopping for sporting gear. The site offers safe, secure online shopping for all the leading brands at competitive prices and guaranteed delivery straight to the purchaser's door, even on weekends."

The site is endorsed by customers on consumer feedback and rating website, HelloPeter, by consistently being voted one of the most complimented retail companies in South Africa. was also named runner-up in the 2012 e-Commerce Awards in the following categories: Best eCommerce Store, Best Shopping Process and The Public's Favourite eCommerce Website.

With a product offering spanning 14 different categories and featuring more than 9 million individual products, the site is well on its way to achieving its goal of becoming South Africa's largest online retailer.
Shawn Anderson
This is a very unique idea for a campaign of using shoes to carry the selling point across. There was also a similar campaign in our city that also uses shoes from the smallest size to the extra large ones. It a campaign for a certain footwear company and they placed one pair of shoes right beside an extra large pair of shoes. Then, they made a campaign to allow the spectators to guess how many pairs of small shoes that could fit in the extra large pairs. It went viral and the company got the mileage that it wanted to achieve.
Posted on 24 May 2013 06:49