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Government and corporates must engage to create employment

In the current uncertain economic climate and unpredictable job market, global research has revealed that emerging adults, also known as 'Generation Y' (born between 1980 and 1995), are attempting to adapt to these environmental conditions by seeking alternative forms of employment through entrepreneurial activities.
Generation Y is faced with a barrage of unique challenges when entering the work environment that are distinctive to their generation. The youth today are joining an unpredictable job market plagued by poor global economic conditions that has resulted in an escalating mass of unemployed youths.

With limited formal jobs available and a soaring youth unemployment rate, one would expect the youth of South Africa to seek alternative forms of employment, such as self-employment. However, this is not the case in South Africa. Even where young people establish businesses, it is sometimes difficult for them to be visible to large clients.

Franchise approach

Drake & Scull Facilities Management (DSFM), a subsidiary of Tsebo Outsourcing Group, recognises the need in South Africa to assist with business and job creation. To this end it has created DSFM Delivery through which it aims to establish sustainable employment and enterprise opportunities. DSFM Delivery is a franchise approach to the provision of maintenance services to clients. Each franchisee is 100% owner-managed, employing members of communities within their communities. Each franchise operates independently with its own vehicles, staff and tools.

Drake & Scull ensures that its systems, best practices and processes for all franchises that operate within their own client environments meet its high own standards. Ensuring that small and emerging enterprises in the maintenance space can effectively provide services to large clients will enable them to grow, creating jobs in the process and building small business into larger businesses. For the client, the fact that the franchisees operate in accordance and under the guidance of an established market leader ensures that the quality and service levels meet the highest standard.

Recognised by government

This initiative has been recognised by government as a potential contributor to job creation. In 2011 Tsebo was one of the four successful applicants out of 3 000 to receive support from the national Job Fund. "DSFM Delivery is currently being rolled out as an initiative that improves service at a local level, job creation, skills development and community upliftment in South Africa," says John Wentzel, CEO of DSFM.

Now more than ever corporates need to meet government half-way in order to combat youth unemployment. "We need a countrywide solution for the problems we face and this can be achieved by ensuring that business engage with government more effectively rather than playing the pointing game," advises Wentzel.