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Reasons for leaving a company

The question is, what is the real reason you left your place of employment? Remember, be prepared that you could be asked to prove all information supplied.
Career progression: What job did you have and what job did you take? People are misguided in believing that career progression is a good enough reason for leaving a company. But what you don't realise is this:
o If you were a receptionist in company A and move to company B where you are still a receptionist - you cannot call it career progression.
o Or, similarly, if you were a Sales Executive in company A and moved to Company B as a Sales Executive, it's not career progression;
Retrenchment: Retrenchment is happening daily. Be sure to attach your retrenchment letter to the job application. If you don't have one, then you can't cite retrenchment on your CV as a reason for leaving;
Company Liquidated: Companies also liquidate on a daily basis and many people are affected by liquidations and retrenchments. Again, make sure you have a copy of the notification letter or retrenchment letter to hand;
Job Security: This one is very commonly used - particularly by bookkeepers. People leave because the company finances weren't looking so good. It is understandable and could happen. But make sure that the reference you supply from the company does not sing a different tune. Your referee will be asked: “Do you recall the reason for him/her leaving?”
Sexual Harassment: This is dangerous ground. You can ONLY put this on your CV if you have proof that you have opened a case of constructive dismissal against the person who sexually harassed you and/or if you have other proof.
More money: This is a very common reason for leaving and an understandable one. Just make sure that you can prove that you left for more money. The best way would be to have a payslip from your former employer and your current employer.

REMEMBER: Honesty is always the best policy when applying for work!

Article courtesy of Unidas