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South African business school launches free MBA

DiaMatrix's eShop ecommerce solution is the official secure ecommerce provider for the Regenesys' newly launched initiative of offering free business education - from Certification level, through to MBA level - thus making education available to those who can least afford it.
Regenesys claims to be the first in the world to make this change in the education industry, by having learning materials such as eBooks, study guides, tutoring videos, webinars, etc. freely available online.

Partners for the Regenesys initiative include Pearson, Sunday Times, Internet Solutions, Human Resources Development Council of the South African government and the Department of Trade and Industry.

Brett Cousins, director at Regenesys Business School, said "it would open the doors of learning for everyone, not only to people who plan to advance to executive levels, but also to entrepreneurs, school leavers and anyone who wants access to top quality business knowledge and tools from a reputable institution. This move allows students from anywhere in the world to study on their smartphone, tablet or PC, for free."

eShop's ecommerce platform affords Regenesys the ability to offer all paid options e.g. class attendance, write examinations, etc. in a secure online environment, whilst all learning materials remain free of charge and are available upon registration.

For more information click here, or to watch a video - click here.