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Groupon survey reveals sharing more important than goods

Groupon South Africa's Facebook page conducted a survey 11-21 November 2012 and discovered that for 61% of over 1000 respondents, the most desired gift this festive season is to share an experience with a loved one, because they believe an experience is a memory for a lifetime.
"What experience people chose ranged widely, with a holiday topping the list (33%) but it seems there are very few daredevils out there, with only 5% choosing sky diving and 1% selecting bungee jumping as their preferred experience. What is clear is that it is all about fun this festive season - not one of the respondents said they would like to receive a health check-up as a gift. During the year the beauty and wellness category is one of our most popular," says Wayne Gosling, CEO of Groupon.

While experiences trump electronics they are still regarded as a hot gift; 27% would like to see a PlayStation 3 or an X-box under the tree this year, 15% would like a tablet in their sock and 7% would like an iPhone or Smart Phone.

Partners favoured for gifts

The survey revealed that it is partners over kids this year. The majority (49%) are willing to spend between R500 and R1000 on their partners, but only 18% would spend this on their children. Most people will be spending less than R250 on children's gifts, with a few (4%) forking out over R1500. As for partners, 19% would spend R1000-1500 on a gift for their loved one, with another 19% spending over R1500.

Holidays - 61% of the respondents plan to stretch their travel budget this festive season by making use of group buying sites. However, 35% of those respondents say they would only consider buying a trip through a group-buying site if the destination is where they already planned to go. Interestingly only 4% still book their trips through a travel agent.

Savings - 79% of the respondents believe they can save a substantial amount through group bought deals this festive season and 82% of the respondents would not mind if they got a Groupon deal as a gift, which broadens the gifting options this Christmas considerably.

"The 40 days between the December and January salaries is the longest stretch between paydays and it is also the period when expenses are at an all-time high; summer holidays, gifts and then school fees for many. South Africans struggle to stretch their budgets over the festive season and group buying can help shoppers to save money without cutting down on gifts or missing out on a holiday away."