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#FreshOnTheShelf: Fitch & Leedes launches SA's first pink tonic

G&T lovers rejoice! Fitch & Leedes, known for their range of authentic mixers, has launched South Africa's first pink tonic. With whiffs of rose petals and fresh cucumber, the new tonic pairs perfectly with Hope on Hopkins crafted premium gins.
Fitch & Leedes tonics are made for utmost purity in terms of quality and taste with quadruple filtered water, says the company.

“The Fitch & Leedes Pink Tonic works well with our gins. Although hints of rose and cucumber are present, this tonic is not overpowering. With its gentle flavour profile and beautiful pink hue, it allows the botanicals in the gin to shine through, unlike many other tonics,” explains Lucy Beard, craft distiller of Hope on Hopkins Distillery.

“The Pink Tonic works well with the Hope on Hopkins Mediterranean Gin, where the olives and herbs are complemented by the cucumber notes. Our perfect serve with this is a sprig of mint, which really adds an extra zing and complements the freshness added by the cucumber in the tonic beautifully.”

Fitch & Leedes can be found at leading purveyors of fine beverages, boutique wine shops, selected delis, fine dining establishments and cocktail bars at around R40 for a 6-pack of 250ml cans or R36 per 4-pack of 200ml glass bottles.