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African couture comes to Soweto

Local business woman, Mapula Makara, will be opening Mebala Couture, in the new Maponya Mall, Soweto. The store will feature men and women's fashion that blends both the traditional and the contemporary style of South Africans with the rich colours, textures and traditions of seshoeshoe fabric.
Mapula Makara in Mebala Couture
“Africans are colourful, and the use of the seshoeshoe fabric goes way back in history. We associate seshoeshoe with our roots. Everyone at some stage has owned a seshoeshoe dress because it was affordable, but today with the African renaissance, we own them because they are a part of our heritage and because they are fashionable,” says Makara.

Mebala, meaning ‘colours', offers a wide range of fashion in this 100% cotton fabric, that has been manufactured by Da Gama Textiles in South Africa for many decades. Originally brought to Africa by the Germans, the fabric became popular because it was affordable. Makara says, “Today, seshoeshoe is worn with loyalty as a form of our identity because it has always been there.”

Seshoeshoe fashion is about mixing the fabrics to keep up with new trends. Makara says that their range of Sotho-inspired clothing brings out traditions from the past, and offers something nostalgic and something new for their customers.

Mebela Couture will offer a range of traditional seshoeshoe clothes for men, women and children, as well as a high fashion range for younger people. It also offers a range of corporate wear and clothes with rich embroidery – reminiscent of the West African style and tradition. Makara promises something for everyone, of every size.

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