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Android app pirates face prosecution

SAN FRANCISCO, US: prosecutors released indictments against six people suspected of collectively pirating millions of applications tailored for Android-powered mobile devices.

22 Jul 2014 10:24


Reorganisation sees Microsoft axe 18,000 jobs

NEW YORK, USA: Microsoft said it would axe 18,000 jobs from its global workforce over the next year, the majority coming from the integration of Nokia bought by it earlier this year.

18 Jul 2014 08:38


US snooped on Muslim-American leaders: report

WASHINGTON, US: The FBI and National Security Agency monitored the emails of prominent Muslim-American activists, academics and a political candidate, according to a report co-authored by journalist Glenn Greenwald.

11 Jul 2014 12:23


Verizon data queries nearly 150,000 in 2014

WASHINGTON, US: US telecom giant Verizon said Tuesday it received nearly 150,000 requests for customer data from US law enforcement agencies in the first half of 2014.

10 Jul 2014 09:33


Concerns over possible 'censorship' of the internet

WASHINGTON, USA: The future of an open Internet faces threats from government crackdowns, and "balkanization" resulting from growing concerns over broad electronic surveillance, a survey of experts showed.

4 Jul 2014 09:50


Microsoft improves Outlook mail security

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Microsoft says it is scrambling Outlook email messages in transit to thwart spying by governments or other organisations.

2 Jul 2014 09:49


Google starts removing information from search engines

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Google said that it is "forgetting" things in Europe to comply with a legal ruling granting people the power to have certain information about them removed from searches

27 Jun 2014 07:56


More and more apps vulnerable to malware

WASHINGTON, USA: Malicious software is increasingly making its way into mobile phones through "cloned" versions of popular apps, and software weaknesses in legitimate ones, security researchers warn.

25 Jun 2014 08:24


'Kill' switches added to Android and Microsoft smartphones

WASHINGTON, USA: Google and Microsoft plan to join Apple in introducing theft-deterring "kill switches" in their smartphone operating systems, as part of an agreement with mayors and police agencies.

23 Jun 2014 08:22


Tesla patents available to 'open source movement'

WASHINGTON, USA: Electric car manufacturer has Tesla announced it was giving up its patents on technology used in its vehicles to "the open source movement," to help spur electric vehicle technology.

17 Jun 2014 08:23


TweetDeck sinks then floats again

WASHINGTON, USA: Twitter said it briefly took down its popular TweetDeck application to view and manage messages because of a security flaw, which prompted some calls to stop using the program.

13 Jun 2014 11:22


Microsoft fights USA court order over overseas data

WASHINGTON, USA: Microsoft is challenging a US court order that would require it to hand over data from an overseas server in a test of the reach of American law enforcement.

13 Jun 2014 13:24


Global cybercrime worth $445bn

WASHINGTON, USA: Cybercrime has grown into a global industry worth around half a trillion dollars, with no sign of slowing, a research report has claimed.

10 Jun 2014 08:58


Google's new Chrome makes email more secure

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Google stepped up its efforts to make it tougher for anyone to snoop on email, unveiling Chrome browser software for scrambling digital messages.

5 Jun 2014 08:42


Girls say internet character "made them do it"

WASHINGTON, USA: Two 12-year-old American girls, charged as adults and facing up to 65 years in jail for trying to stab a friend to death, say they were inspired by a fictional character, local media reported.

4 Jun 2014 10:54


International raid targets data-stealing computer virus: US

WASHINGTON, USA: An international dragnet has dismantled a global computer hacker network, which used a sophisticated computer virus to steal millions of dollars from companies and consumers, the US Justice Department said.

3 Jun 2014 08:16


'Thefties' nab 'selfies' of smartphone thieves

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Mobile security startup Lookout is turning smartphones and tablets against gadget thieves with a new feature that - when possible - and snapping a picture of the culprit who took the phone.

30 May 2014 11:40


US hacker turns FBI informant, walks free

NEW YORK, USA: A hacker who directed hundreds of cyber attacks on the websites of foreign governments before turning FBI informant walked free after being handed a symbolic seven-month sentence.

28 May 2014 08:18


Microsoft to negotiate with China after Windows 8 ban

NEW YORK, USA: Microsoft said it would maintain efforts to gain approval in China for its Windows 8 operating system after a ban announced by Beijing.

21 May 2014 11:54


General Motors recalls 2,9m more cars worldwide

NEW YORK, USA: - General Motors announced the recall of another 2,9m vehicles worldwide but 2,71m of them are in the United States and about 200,000 in other parts of the world.

16 May 2014 10:10

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