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Increasing marketing results when customer loyalty reached a limit

[Boris Dzhingarov] For most organisations out there, a huge part of measuring marketing success is finding out how many of the customers keep coming back in order to buy the same product or another product that is associated with the same brand... 31 Aug 2015 11:21

New job titles, old job descriptions

[Musa Msane] Something good happened at the Loeries this year, the introduction of the Service Design category in a 'creatives' event nogal! This is a great development as it reflects the industry that takes itself seriously... 31 Aug 2015 08:38

Boeing reaches important milestone with new airplane

WASHINGTON, US: Boeing has completed the firm configuration milestone for the 777-9, the first member of the 777X family to be developed... 28 Aug 2015 13:25

US durable-goods orders rise for second month in July

WASHINGTON, US: Agriculture and seed giant Monsanto dropped its campaign to acquire rival Syngenta on Wednesday, saying the Swiss company... 28 Aug 2015 10:59

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    Simple ways to reduce business costs

    [Boris Dzhingarov] At the moment, most business owners and marketers are pressured to do all that they can in order to cut costs. That is not at all something that is simple to do since it can easily lead towards losing business because of making bad decisions. 25 Aug 2015 10:21

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