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Anonymous app Secret shutting down

WASHINGTON, US: Secret, a smartphone app that gained notoriety for allowing users to make anonymous comments to friends and nearby people, said it was shutting down after just 16 months... 4 May 2015 07:34

Facebook, Tigo partnership gives Tanzanians free access

[Baraka Jefwa] Tigo Tanzania has announced a partnership with Facebook in which all its customers in the country will get free access to Facebook services in English and a new Kiswahili version... 5 May 2015 06:08

From shopping carts to marketplace scripting - A new generation in e-commerce

[Boris Dzhingarov] In the early years of the web, when many of the young twenty-something entrepreneurs of today were still teenagers, shopping online was a much more complicated, less convenient process... 30 Apr 2015 13:22

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