Why South Africa needs to discipline the private healthcare industry

If a service is provided by a company rather than government, this does not automatically mean a market is at work. The point is fairly obvious but has passed many in South Africa by...

By Steven Friedman 26 Jul 2018

Pharma's role in NHI

In its current form, the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) is by no means perfect and there remains a lot of uncertainty...

24 Jul 2018

Will HMI insights get lost in the rush to finalise healthcare laws?

Has the almost simultaneous release of the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill, the Medical Schemes Amendment Bill and the provisional findings of the Health Market Inquiry (HMI) created an information overload?

23 Jul 2018

Comment on the NHI Bills presented by Health Minister, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi

Bonitas Medical Fund welcomes the draft amendment Bill to the end that it aims to make healthcare more accessible...

Issued by Bonitas 3 Jul 2018

South Africa's universal health care plan falls short of fixing an ailing system

South Africa's Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has finally gazetted the bill detailing an ambitious plan to roll out universal health care in the country through a National Health Insurance...

By Laettia Rispel 3 Jul 2018

Egypt's Social Health Insurance - a stepping stone to UHC

Currently covering more than half of its 95.6m population, Egypt is considered a benchmark country in the Middle East when it comes to health insurance...

By Mohsen George 2 Jul 2018

At a glance: What the National Health Insurance means for you and your pocket

Two Bills, almost 200 pages may change healthcare forever in SA. Haven't read them? We did the heavy lifting so you don't have to...

By Mia Malan 28 Jun 2018

Health department expects to be sued over proposed NHI changes

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi is preparing to be taken to court as he continues to propose changes in the healthcare system that could cost medical aid schemes millions...

By Pontsho Pilane and Laura Lopez Gonzalez 22 Jun 2018

Motsoaledi outlines changes to Medical Schemes Act and NHI

Two of the proposed amendments to the Medical Schemes Act will do away with co-payments, and abolish the practice of using brokers within the medical schemes environment...

22 Jun 2018

A step closer to the NHI

Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi says the release of two bills - the Medical Schemes Amendment Bill and the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill - is poised to make history...

20 Jun 2018

NHI open for public comment soon

The National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill of 2018 will be published in the Government Gazette shortly for public comment.

8 Jun 2018

Prioritising the health citizen in UHC

The concept of health citizenship integrates patients' needs with the knowledge of healthcare professionals in planning tools and programmes that will change the inequalities in healthcare...

30 May 2018

How can private healthcare contribute to NHI?

The private healthcare sector needs to firm up its collaboration effort to the National Health Insurance (NHI) programme...

23 May 2018

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