These 5 technologies are transforming the travel experience

The whole notion of what today's hyperconnected travellers want, and what they value, has changed. While cost, choice and convenience are still significant, booking decisions are now based on the experience...

By Guido Verweij 1 day ago

Ensuring peaceful transition into the digital age

It's no secret that the Fourth Industrial Revolution has officially begun...

By William Mzimba 1 day ago

A simpler, smarter life through AI

When you think about artificial intelligence and how it will impact our daily life, what are the images you conjure up? Intelligent robot companions that clean and cook and keep you company? A disembodied voice that controls your car...

By Vaughan Rowsell 1 day ago

IoT is a prerequisite for enabling sustainable development

IoT and digitisation enable us to efficiently, proactively and predictively address the sustainability challenges that are faced globally and on the African continent...

By Reshaad Sha 1 day ago

The time has come for digital transformation

Using technology to drive business transformation is hardly a new thing. In fact, reducing paper and automating processes are goals many organisations share...

By Hein Taljaard 1 day ago

#GartnerSYM: The next phase of digital transformation

Digital business transformation is upon us. Enterprises, small and large, have recognised the power of tech to transform their ability to deliver value. But where do we go from here?

By Evan-Lee Courie 3 days ago

Survey reveals consumers would use AI to save time and money

A recent survey by Gartner reveals that saving time and money are the top reasons why consumers would use artificial intelligence...

3 days ago

Top 10 nominees for Innovation Prize for Africa 2018 announced

The top 10 nominees in the African Innovation Foundation's (AIF) Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) 2018 have been announced...

14 Sep 2018

Google Maps gets more social

The latest version of the app rolled out with the user-lifestyle top-of-mind...

14 Sep 2018

Happy 20th Birthday, Google!

September 2018 marks the celebration of 20 years of Google...

By Evan-Lee Courie 13 Sep 2018

Policy response to the digital economy needed in Africa

The rise of digital platforms and e-commerce will reshape the retail sector and in turn, have deep implications for developing countries' industrialisation processes...

12 Sep 2018

The secure foundation for IoT

The low-cost, low-power nature of the IoT can cause security considerations to be deferred till much later in the product implementation stage, or sometimes, indefinitely...

By Sherry Zameer 11 Sep 2018

Thingstream partnerships help to fast-track IoT innovations

Thingstream's new partnerships in South Africa are driving the development of more cost-effective IoT innovations...

8 Sep 2018

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