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New research vessel explores oceans for the sake of better marine resources management

"This new vessel allows us to improve research and activities where marine observations are extremely limited, and better understand the impacts of climate change on aquatic ecosystems and our oceans."

2 days ago

Earth's soil carbon reservoir poses massive risk to climate change mitigation

Fijian president Jioji Konousi Konrote warned of colossal negative impacts on the environment and human societies if the massive stores of carbon trapped in Earth's soils are released...

22 Mar 2017

Premier Hotels & Resorts to educate guests during Earth Hour

With 75% of hotels' environmental impact being directly related to excessive consumption, we have committed to transforming ourselves and, in turn, the environment, by adopting a more eco-friendly approach...

20 Mar 2017

ELA wins Thabametsi green lawsuit

ELA has won its lawsuit against the environmental authorisation of a new coal-fired power station, scoring a major victory for the climate change cause...

8 Mar 2017

Bringing water to Kenya's drought-stricken wildlife

In a wildlife sanctuary in southern Kenya the relentless sun has bleached savannah grasses and dried up rivers, turning water holes first into muddy pits and now, dust bowls...

7 Mar 2017

Judgement reserved in Thabametsi climate case

Judgment in South Africa's first climate change case around the impact of proposed Thabametsi coal-fired power station in Limpopo was reserved last week...

6 Mar 2017

The importance of teaching about climate change

It is important for people to learn about clean energy, green practices, and reduced resource use for us to continue to enjoy these invaluable resources for generations...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 6 Mar 2017

Communicating climate change: focus on the framing, not just the facts

Humans are currently in a war against global warming. Or is it a race against global warming? Or maybe it's just a problem we have to deal with?

By Rose Hendricks 6 Mar 2017

Court outcome will dictate SA's commitment to Paris Agreement

The practical consequences of the Paris Agreementmay soon be better understood as an application regarding climate change is being heard in the Pretoria High Court...

By Sandra Gore and Alecia Pienaar 2 Mar 2017

ELA goes to court over Thabametsi's environmental impact

ELA argues that Thabametsi power station did not adequately assess the climate change impact of the facility...

1 Mar 2017

WWF urges Eskom to back renewables

In a petition, WWF South Africa is calling on Eskom to expedite the use of renewable energy in the country...

1 Mar 2017

Flight to greener aviation fuel has hit turbulence – here's why

When it comes to reducing carbon emissions, one of the biggest hurdles is the world's addiction to flying...

By Simon Blakey 1 Mar 2017

FCFA report provides climate information for Africa

Future Climate for Africa released a report late last year that provides scientific information about the continent's changing climate, equipping decision-makers to plan better...

27 Feb 2017

Climate change case in court

What has been described as South Africa's first climate change lawsuit is to be heard on Thursday, 2 March 2017, in the Pretoria High Court...

24 Feb 2017

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Eco-friendly digs for the modern nomad

Portuguese startup Ecocubo's 96ft2 prefab is intended to host nomads who find themselves roughing it in the wild. It's an environmentally friendly alternative living space designed by architect António Fernandes in collaboration with the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto (UPTEC).

By Bo Bushwinkel 16 Mar 2017

Service delivery starts with data. See who's been missing from the spreadsheets

Tanzania's most recent national census tells us that about one in 16 people has a disability in the country's Ruvuma region. But what if the true number was closer to one in five?

By Dominic Haslam 1 Mar 2017

Weaning off oil, Scottish islands eye renewable future

Strong winds and stormy seas have helped turn the Shetland Islands in the North Atlantic into a European renewable energy giant, producing more power than it knows what to do with.

21 Feb 2017

Indian Ocean states move to avert tuna stocks depletion

Tuna Fisheries are to feature prominently in future as the South West Indian Ocean (SWIO) Commission now moves to adopt a draft protocol on access to fishing grounds by foreign vessels, all intended to establish a common access regime of tuna and tuna-like species in the region.

By Sylivester Domasa 17 Feb 2017

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