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Nick Rockey speaking at Trialogue’s eleventh annual Business in Society Conference
How business can help solve society's sizable challenges

Society's challenges are well known and fundamental...

By Nick Rockey, MD, Trialogue 3 days ago

This year's Slipper Day a tremendous success for Reach For A Dream
This year's Slipper Day a tremendous success for Reach For A Dream

This year, Wimpy South Africa managed to raise R1.43m for the Reach For A Dream Foundation...

3 days ago

#FairnessFirst: "Diversity and inclusion are the future of creativity" - Susan Credle

It's time to celebrate the fact that The One Club for Creativity has just appointed its first ever female chairperson, Susan Credle. She lets us in on her responsibility she has to the industry as a woman taking over the chair position, especially when it comes to diversity and inclusion...

By Leigh Andrews 3 hours ago

Moving towards the Montreal Protocol goals

Phasing down hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) under the Montreal Protocol is expected to avoid up to 0.5 ?C by the end of the century...

58 minutes ago

Ramaphosa to donate half of his presidential salary to new fund

President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced that he has decided to donate half of his presidential salary towards a soon-to-be-established fund...

24 May 2018

Why megaprojects to deliver houses in South Africa might not work

In 2014, the South African government announced a new direction in housing policy...

By Richard Ballard and Margot Rubin 24 May 2018

How Hilton will reach its 2030 social and environmental goals

On top of removing plastic straws from its 650 managed properties by the end of 2018, Hilton revealed it will double its social impact investments and cut its global environmental impact in half by 2030...

24 May 2018

Why microfinance as aid isn't enough to empower women

Giving small loans to people for small household purchases or to invest in businesses...

By Sara Niner 24 May 2018

Explore doing business to profit with purpose at the 2018 Africa Shared Value Summit

Future-proof your business and book tickets now for the second annual Africa Shared Value Summit, set to take place this week, on 24-25 May, at The Maslow conference centre in Sandton...

Issued by Shift Social Development 23 May 2018

How to break the impasse between opposing camps in ivory trade debate

Elephants are in an extremely precarious state in both Africa and Asia...

By Katarzyna Nowak, Benezeth Mutayoba, Phyllis Lee, R 23 May 2018

Call 2 Care uplifts communities with garden education, after-school programmes

About a year ago, we interviewed Cape Town-based non-profit organisation, Call 2 Care which invests its time and efforts to uplift communities in underprivileged areas through sustainable food access and gardening education.

By Robin Fredericks 22 May 2018

Small, local solutions can crack water crises: a South African case study

World attention has recently been focused on the water crisis facing the South African city of Cape Town, a metropolis of four million people...

By Melissa McHale, David Bunn and Eddie Riddell 22 May 2018

The hidden carbon cost of everyday products

The targets set in the Paris Agreement on climate change are ambitious but necessary...

By Kai Whiting and Luis Gabriel Carmona 22 May 2018

Volvo invests R25m in employment initiative

The Volvo Group Southern Africa unveiled its youth employment initiative on Saturday, 19 May, a programme it hopes will help address South Africa's high unemployment rate among the youth...

22 May 2018

Biomimicry and the future of utilities

Claire Janisch, founder of Biomimicry South Africa, took to the podium at this year's African Utility Week to share how biomimicry could influence the future of utilities...

By Sindy Peters 21 May 2018

Creating business communities for African unity

The run-up to the 55th Africa Day, celebrated annually on 25 May in parts of Africa and around the world in commemoration of the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) (now the African Union), is an ideal time to reflect on the opportunities presented by a new collective zeitgeist happening in Africa...

Issued by 21 May 2018

How planting trees can protect cocoa plants against climate change

Worldwide, areas suitable for cocoa production are predicted to shrink by up to 20-30% over the next 30 years. This is because cocoa trees are already struggling to cope with drier, hotter conditions...

By Philippe Vaast 21 May 2018

Girl Geek campaign to open doors, change lives

The Girl Geek campaign, which seeks to encourage young girls from disadvantaged communities to be involved in science, technology, engineering and maths, will be launched in Johannesburg today...

21 May 2018

Buenos Aires Declaration bolsters travel and tourism's fight against wildlife crime

The TreadRight Foundation celebrated TTC's recent signing of the Buenos Aires Declaration on Travel and Tourism and Illegal Wildlife Trade - a framework to aid the travel and tourism industry in the fight against wildlife crime - to mark Endangered Species Day on 18 May...

21 May 2018

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