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New Carbon Tax Bill draft published for public comment

Treasury on Thursday, 14 December, published the second draft of the Carbon Tax Bill for public comment and introduction in parliament...

By Linda Ensor 1 day ago

#BestofBiz 2017: CSI & Sustainability

Discover the most read content on Bizcommunity's CSI & Sustainability site over the past year below...

1 day ago

Polyester could slip on banana peel of green fashion

For decades after polyester's invention in the 1940s, there wasn't much exciting innovation in the fibres used in the world's textiles. Until now...

By Jackie May 1 day ago

South Africa needs a fresh approach to its stubbornly high levels of inequality

It is widely accepted that South Africa is one of the most unequal societies in the world...

By Edward Webster 2 days ago

UN warns of surging e-waste, little recycling

The UN warned on Wednesday, 13 December, that waste from discarded electronics like mobile phones, laptops and refrigerators is piling up worldwide...

2 days ago

Own space on the biggest multi-industry B2B news site in Africa?

Location, location, location - a real estate term used to describe the benefits of a property investment is as relevant in the online media space...

Issued by 2 days ago

Off-grid power goes mainstream for financing

Since a large portion of Africa's population lives in remote areas, receiving power from the grid could still be decades away...

2 days ago

Digitata Insights partners Sunlight on water saving awareness campaign

Digitata Insights and Sunlight have together embarked on a water saving awareness campaign with the aim of...

2 days ago

TLC Marketing Worldwide gives some TLC to the Diepsloot Community Loving and Care Centre

TLC Marketing Worldwide has finally fulfilled its dream of making over the Diepsloot Community Loving and Care Centre in order to improve the learning environment of the young children at the Early Childhood Centre Development (ECD)...

Issued by TLC Marketing Worldwide 2 days ago

Investors turn against fossil fuels at Paris climate summit

Major investors vowed Tuesday, 12 December, to move away from Earth-warming fossil fuels as world leaders met in Paris seeking to unlock new cash to save humanity from climate "doom"...

3 days ago

Nivea and Thanda partner to create fairytale ECD classrooms

Global skincare company Nivea is offering hope for children in a rural community in KwaZulu-Natal. It has partnered with Thanda, a community-based organisation, to bring an innovative ECD programme to children in this rural community...

Issued by Nivea 2 days ago

#SiemensAirDrop: Travellers from Joburg to Cape Town encouraged to exchange baggage allowance for water

This festive season Gautengers will descend on a drought-ravaged Mother City, putting more strain on water supply. They will be encouraged to exchange five kilos of their on-flight baggage allowance for five litres of water...

12 Dec 2017

Aldo supports education access through limited edition Mx. sneaker drop

Global footwear and accessories retailer Aldo has joined forces with international advocacy organisation, Global Citizen, to support equal access to education...

3 days ago

Draft Water Amendment By-law open for public comment

Members of the public have been called to comment on the draft Water Amendment By-law which, it is hoped, will further enhance Cape Town's ability to become a more water-sensitive and resilient city in the future...

3 days ago

2018 Eco-Logic Awards now open for entries

Hosted by The Enviropaedia, the 2018 Eco-Logic Awards is now open for entries. The awards ceremony will take place 5 June...

3 days ago

Trialogue provides free resources on Shared Value portal

Corporate social investment (CSI) consultancy Trialogue has shared an extensive range of material on its free online portal, known as the Trialogue Knowledge Hub...

Issued by Trialogue 3 days ago

World's space agencies propose setting up climate observatory

The heads of several of the world's space agencies have proposed the creation of a climate observatory to pool acquired data and share it with scientists around the globe...

3 days ago

Jaguar Land Rover, Red Cross celebrate 64-year partnership with 'Mapathon'

150 Jaguar Land Rover employees recently participated in the company's first 'Mapathon' event, plotting roads, rivers and buildings across a sprawling area in the Kurigram District of Bangladesh using satellite imagery...

11 Dec 2017

Spreading the good cheer: Udumo is more than design

Udumo Group aims for prosperity in its most profound sense: the uplifting empowerment of those who need and deserve it most. Udumo gives the gift of dignified lives...

Issued by Udumo Group 11 Dec 2017

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It may not be possible to slow down fast fashion - so can the industry ever be sustainable?

The fashion industry has some major sustainability problems. By 2030, it is predicted that the industry's water consumption will grow by 50% to 118 billion cubic metres, its carbon footprint will increase to 2,791m tonnes and the amount of waste it creates will hit 148m tonnes.

By Mark Sumner 23 Nov 2017

Study: Better soil could trap as much planet-warming carbon as transport produces

Improving soil health in farmlands could capture extra carbon equivalent to the planet-warming emissions generated by the transport sector, one of the world's most polluting industries, experts said. Soil naturally absorbs carbon from the atmosphere through a process known as sequestration which not only reduces harmful greenhouse gases but also creates more fertile soil.

By Thin Lei Win 21 Nov 2017

Meat without animals to hit shelves in 2021

A growing number of startups are trying to produce meat products without using animals, with a view to addressing concerns about animal welfare and the carbon footprint of meat. However, Chris Lo, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, reports that new products will not be ready to hit the shelves until 2021.

10 Nov 2017

Hydroelectric dams threaten Brazil's mysterious Pantanal - one of the world's great wetlands

The Pantanal in central South America may not be as globally famous as the Amazon rainforest, but it has the continent's highest concentration of wildlife. Now, however, the region's endangered plants and animals, along with its still undiscovered secrets, may be wiped out in return for cheap hydroelectricity.

By Lauren Crabb, Anna Laing, Bronwen Whitney, Carlos 10 Nov 2017

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