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Wool outlook for 2018
Wool outlook for 2018

Increased affluence in traditional markets such as China and a growing demand for natural fibres in athleisure wear coupled with an abundant supply have created a "perfect storm" for wool...

By Nico Groenewald 2 days ago

nuzree via  - fruit fly
Dangerous hitchhikers: New measures to help stop the spread of plant pests across borders

The CPM has adopted new phytosanitary standards aimed at preventing destructive agricultural and environmental pests from jumping borders and spreading internationally...

2 days ago

Key insights into global fonio market

Fonio is consumed mainly in the West African countries, where it is also cultivated. The global fonio market showed steady growth...

3 hours ago

South Africa's agricultural trade keeps momentum

In February 2018, South Africa's cumulative agricultural exports were valued at R20.89bn leading to a positive net trade of R3.736bn. Agricultural exports were dominated by table grapes, stonefruit, wine, cuttlefish and tilapia...

By Sifiso Ntombela 1 day ago

Key insights into the global garlic market

In 2016, global garlic consumption stood at $18.1bn, +8% more than the year before. It is anticipated that the next nine year period will see an upward trend in garlic cultivation due to a number of factors...

1 day ago

More pork on the braai as farmers redirect pigs for the fresh meat market

The pork industry has suffered an unnecessary blow following the listeriosis outbreak. The loss to the value chain could, so far, exceed R1bn, but consumers are benefitting from the decrease in the price of pork whilst other meats trend higher...

2 days ago

$17m investment contributes to growth of floriculture in East Africa

A co-investment of $17m in Marginpar Flower Group Holdings have been announced by Agri-Vie and Norfund...

19 Apr 2018

South African wheat production under the spotlight

Wheat production in South Africa is one of the segments worst affected by the economic realities faced by the industry. Crucial plans have therefore been put into practice to elevate wheat's status as a competitive crop...

By Andries Gouws 18 Apr 2018

US poultry delegation scopes out opportunities in SA

The USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) hosted its international staff meeting in South Africa recently, bringing producer members to the country to explore opportunities...

16 Apr 2018

Ghanaian startup crowned 2018 Seedstars Global Winner

Ghanaian startup, AgroCenta, was crowned the 2018 Seedstars Global Winner at the fifth edition of the Seedstars Summit which took place on Thursday, 12 April 2018...

16 Apr 2018

Salmon farms are in crisis - here's how scientists are trying to save them

Sea lice infections have been recorded in salmon farms for decades. But in the last few years, infection rates have rocketed due to more intensive farming practices, with more fish being kept in smaller areas...

By Lyndsay Christie 13 Apr 2018

Meet the Maker: Nicole Warden from CopperFox G&T

The ready-to-drink CopperFox is distilled at the at Time Anchor Distillery, 100% natural and contains 13 African botanicals including Rose geranium, Sour Sea figs, Citrus, Fynbos and Honeybush...

By Samantha Snedorf 13 Apr 2018

China's appetite for macadamias fuel SA industry

The demand for macadamia nuts in China is on the rise and has local farmers feeling optimistic. And for good reason...

12 Apr 2018

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