bountiXP makes it easy to recognise and reward South African employees

A locally built employee recognition platform is simplifying the way South African businesses thank and engage their employees...

Issued by bountiXP 1 day ago

OMNI HR Consulting gets accredited with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations

The core focus of Omni HR Consulting is to provide customers with innovative, relevant and industry-related training and development solutions, which will meet the skills development needs of their human capital and talent pipeline...

Issued by OMNI HR Consulting 14 Sep 2018

Careers24 releases job application and recruitment stats per sector for the last year

The South African employment landscape has shown some promising signs of growth in the last year...

Issued by Careers24 4 Sep 2018

Is it possible to rebuild trust in South African institutions?

Corruption thrives in environments where there is little or no trust, so rebuilding trust in South African institutions should be a priority says Dr Tim London, senior lecturer at the UCT Graduate School of Business, who will be speaking on the topic at the upcoming Leaderex 2018...

Issued by UCT Graduate School of Business 3 Sep 2018

African recruitment startups evolve to tackle unemployment

Unemployment rates across Africa are too high, but tech startups are coming up with more and more innovative ways of connecting jobseekers with opportunities...

By Tom Jackson 29 Aug 2018

How to reduce the risk of payroll fraud in Africa

Payroll fraud is among the costliest of economic crimes...

By Bruce van Wyk 23 Aug 2018

13 reasons why... our SMS feature will change your life!

Here's a list of the advantages of having SMS capability within your recruitment software which you may not have considered yet...

Issued by Placement Partner 23 Jul 2018

4 signs you need HR support

When you're dealing with employees, it's almost impossible to anticipate or control what will happen. Everything is fine until something is not, right? So when is the right time to get HR support...?

By Celeste Dickinson 23 Jul 2018

The social side of recruitment

While technology has radically changed the face of recruitment and expanded access to the available talent pool, the core basics still remain...

By Shan Radcliffe 19 Jul 2018

Is software development 'by the business, for the business' the new IT?

In an era of digital transformation, why are so many business leaders still on the sidelines when it comes to driving their technology agendas?

By Anton Cabral 18 Jul 2018

There's no time like the future

Placement Partner has ranked among the 2018 Future of HR Awards finalists...

Issued by Placement Partner 13 Jul 2018

Blockchain and its potential to disrupt recruitment

Over the past few years the word "blockchain" has become largely synonymous with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. But this technology could disrupt far more industries than imagined...

11 Jul 2018

Five reasons why you should be using an applicant tracking system

The recruitment process can be time-consuming and complicated. Thankfully applicant tracking systems (ATS) are simplifying the hiring process and making it a lot more efficient and effective...

Issued by 3 Jul 2018

Live broadcasting is an effective communication tool to improve staff engagement

Work environments ought to be conducive to staff engagement by using effective communication tools and correct platforms, which will ensure effective and measurable engagement...

Issued by Global Access 3 Jul 2018

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