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Empowerment key as 20 years of Top Employers celebrated in Africa

The results of the 20th African Top Employers Certification Programme were announced at an annual Certification Dinner on 12 October...

Issued by Top Employers Institute 13 Oct 2017

South Africa's first payroll standard to ensure good governance

The South African Payroll Association (SAPA) has partnered with the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) to launch the country's first Payroll Standard...

4 Oct 2017

Eight tips for more effective employee evaluation process

Employee evaluation shouldn't be a cumbersome job for the employer and the employee. When done the right way, it can make a huge difference in both individual and organisational performance...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 2 Oct 2017

Pieter Bensch appointed Sage executive VP Africa, Middle East

Sage has appointed Pieter Bensch as executive vice president for the Africa and Middle East region...

20 Sep 2017

How ensure you're on the right career path

Choosing a career path is one of the most important and possibly difficult decisions we will ever have to make, and has long-standing implications for our future. That is why it is critical to do an aptitude test...

14 Sep 2017

Job Readiness Centres open at 27 libraries

In a job creation partnership between social enterprise, Lulaway, and the National Library of South Africa (NLSA), Mzansi Libraries Online, a Job Readiness Centre, was launched at the Sharpeville Library...

14 Sep 2017

Securing identity, access management against cyber criminals

Following global cyber attacks, organisations need to ensure that identity and access management (IAM) is as well managed as firewalls and security controls...

24 Aug 2017

#CEMAfrica2017: ‘Remember that I'm human' - your customer

There is an organisational shift taking place in the customer experience industry, where traditional siloed structures are breaking down to enable a culture of customer-centricity...

By Louise Marsland 21 Aug 2017

Employ me!

Whitney Jacobs, a 29-year-old social innovator from Port Elizabeth, is no stranger to the business world. She first founded Fusion at 18...

By Shan Radcliffe 27 Jul 2017

How does my app look in this?

It's become remarkably easy for businesses to fall for gimmicks and develop apps simply for the sake of ticking a box. It's a sin many businesses are guilty of: they operate without a plan.

By Anton Cabral 12 Jul 2017

How wearable tech can improve employee wellness

Technology is transforming employee wellness programmes. Gone are the days that nurses do the physical checkups for many European and US countries...

By Steven Howard 10 Jul 2017

The importance of finance, HR collaboration with unified cloud

A new Oracle and MIT Technology Review study reveals the importance of collaboration between finance and human resources (HR) teams with a unified cloud...

7 Jul 2017

ETI needs revision to ease the admin burden

Although the motives are good, the negative impact of the ETI is that it places an administrative burden on payroll departments...

By Lavine Haripersad 23 Jun 2017

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How to run a business while pursuing a personal injury claim

So, you're used to taking the bull by the horns, taking charge, and getting things done your way. Becoming injured and being in the middle of a personal injury claim can change a business owner who's used to running his company like a roaring lion into a timid kitten. For once, you won't be able to get up and run your own errands and the idea of holding an emergency meeting in the middle of the day has to fall by the wayside while you're busy giving a deposition. Getting involved in a civil personal injury action is a slow and arduous process. You may think your case is about to be settled only to hear from your attorney a few days later and be right back to square one. So, if you own a business, approach your pending personal injury claim in the same way that you'd run your company.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 3 days ago

Five nifty products that will help you increase your workplace safety

Creating a safe working environment should be the topmost priority of every organisation. This way, the safety of the employees, visitors, clients, consultants, inspectors and the likes can be guaranteed.

Issued by Naija Writers’ Coach 9 Oct 2017

What businesses can do to stamp out slavery in their supply chains

Until quite recently, businesses didn't have a reason to dig deeper than assessing the price and appearance of the products shipped to their warehouses. But the reality of buyer-driven global supply chains means their decisions on price and the suppliers they select dictate conditions for workers across their entire supply chain.

5 Oct 2017

Karl-Ludwig Kley appointed Lufthansa supervisory board chairman

Wolfgang Mayrhuber has resigned as the chairman of Lufthansa's supervisory board. Consequently, Karl-Ludwig Kley has been selected as the new chairman.

27 Sep 2017

Dealing with death: How companies can handle the aftermath of a crime

While you never want to have to think about a violent crime occurring at your place of business, it can be a harsh fact of life. If your company has been affected by a violent crime that has resulted in a loss of life, things can be extremely difficult for all involved. But as a business owner, there are some things that you will have to deal with even in this hard time. Today, we are going to learn some tips that just might make things a little easier on everyone.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 20 Sep 2017

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