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Look beyond MBAs for leadership skills

Jack Hammer's 2016 Executive Report, an independently researched publication now in its third year, shows that while higher degrees definitely improve a candidate's attractiveness, an MBA is no longer a 'magic ticket'...

14 hours ago

Pay attention to your payslip

Payslips act as a record of employment, salary paid and deductions made and are important documents that employees should understand and retain as proof...

1 day ago

Training is more about compliance than skills transfer

The amendments to the Skills Development Act and the requirements of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) point requirements make training once again a compliance issue, instead of the correct reaction to skills gaps that would increase productivity...

26 May 2016

Corporate art: No more upstairs, downstairs

When I recently found myself at the launch of a financial giant's new head office in Sandton, Johannesburg, I was quite unprepared for the brand's unflinching leap into an entirely original and inclusive art space...

25 May 2016

Digital recruitment is business norm

The rise of digital recruitment is no more a trend, but rather a business norm, as paper-based CVs lose prominence to recruitment via social media becomes...

24 May 2016

Chief marketing officer: Ally or rival?

The position of the CMO has undergone tremendous scrutiny over the past few years. The role in and of itself - is it of value, should it be rebranded, what are its long term prospects and the relationship with the CIO..?

By Desmond Struwig 24 May 2016

Approaching reward strategy with technology

Technology plays a vital role in the evolution of employee reward and incentive programmes, ensuring that the processes are supported and systems seamlessly managed to effectively deliver on the employee value proposition (EVP)...

24 May 2016

A 25-hour work week for over-40s

Most people start working as soon as they complete their studies, which means in their early 20s. This cycle of work goes on forever unless the person reaches his or her retirement age...

By Lisa Smith 23 May 2016

Finding and fighting payroll fraud

The 2016 ACFE Global Fraud Study revealed that 12% of fraud detection in small business came from an internal audit, whereas in larger enterprises this was 18.6%...

By Yolande Schoültz 23 May 2016

Six steps to help staff retire more comfortably

As of 1 March 2016, the tax laws around retirement fund contributions have changed significantly, with the main changes affecting how much employees can contribute and deduct from their taxable income...

20 May 2016

Five steps to building strong engineering teams

In South Africa, the engineering industry has experienced significant change. It has moved away from the classic professional practice process - where companies were appointed based on merit and performance - to a system hinging on tenders, often won based purely on price. This leaves little room for evaluation of experience or quality.

By Paul Olivier 20 May 2016

Compliance forms part of a company's reputation

Compliance with the South African laws and regulations is directly linked to a business's reputation and companies need policies in place to ensure adherence by employees, clients and suppliers...

19 May 2016

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