Retail Trends 2016

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SA entrepreneurs: you now have your own loyalty rewards programme

Mercantile Bank, a financial institution aimed exclusively at entrepreneurs, on Friday announced that it had entered into an agreement with wiGroup to develop a loyalty and rewards programme for its clients...

By Stuart Thomas 1 day ago

Improving customer service through advanced analytics

Companies looking to leverage the advantages of advanced analytics and omni-channel communication require a deeper understanding of the customer journey...

27 Jan 2016

Trends that will disrupt customer service in 2016

According to Interactive Intelligence there are five trends that will disrupt customer service in 2016. A massive 89% of companies plan to compete...

25 Jan 2016

Reaching top speed in the long-distance contact centre race

The goal of any customer service-driven centre is to make sure that no matter what a customer wants or needs, your contact centre can deliver it...

By Eugene Schalkwyk 25 Jan 2016

Tips to improve customer service satisfaction

If you're in the business of selling products and services, a content and loyal customer is gold. However, as technology-enhanced, real-time communication grows, a dissatisfied customer is a ticking time bomb that can do significant damage to your reputation...

22 Jan 2016


We've all been there, it's nothing new, but what gets to me is that we, as consumers, accept 'it' even though we all agree it is wrong. And by not saying anything, companies and brands will continue with it - this crazy thing called 'bad service'...

By Mareli Smit 21 Jan 2016

Five tips for customer service success

Most of us will have been at the receiving end of bad customer service - and it is normally something that you do not forget too quickly. However, it may not purely be the contact centre's fault...

By Jim Freeze 19 Jan 2016

Let's punish them for being loyal to us!

I recently read a post on social media about one unfortunate individual who had been treated very unfairly by a business...

By Johan Botha 15 Jan 2016

Gamification - motivating a contact centre sales force

By applying the gaming principles of reward, competition, social recognition, mastery and immediate feedback (termed 'gamification'), companies can use familiar and effective strategies driven by technology to motivate, engage and retain this ever-expanding group of workers, Generation Y...

By Jan Kühn 11 Jan 2016

Invest in training your employees - 6 ways it will pay off for your business

In a difficult economic climate, the training and education budget is often one of the first areas of the business to suffer cutbacks. After all, training can be expensive, takes people away from the work they're paid to do and often delivers benefits that can be hard to quantify...

By Sandra Swanepoel 8 Jan 2016

Sales staff crucial to retailers' customer retention

In a retail world focused on omnichannel strategies, product and service innovations, information-technology investments and technology-enabled stores of the future, winning retailers are taking a new look at their store labour models and budgets...

By Oliver Merkel and Allison Gans 6 Jan 2016

Brand loyalty is dead

Where are we headed in this fiercely competitive tech world, and how do we keep our customers satisfied?

By Tess Sulaman 5 Jan 2016

CEO of Raphael Afaedor on the state of Nigeria's e-commerce

The last time I spoke to Raphael Afaedor in person, he was still the co-founder of Jumia, his face and that of Tunde Kehinde's had just been on Forbes and they were the focus of the foreign press including CNN. I was able to drag him aside in the hall where Jumia was celebrating its first year anniversary and when I asked him what was next for e-commerce in Nigeria...

By Paul Adepoju 30 Nov 2015

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