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UHC is achievable, but it takes political will

Universal health coverage (UHC) can be achieved, but it is a political choice that takes vision, courage, and long-term thinking...

19 Sep 2017

Philanthropists join forces to fund Africa's cash-strapped health sector

Billionaires Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote come together to fund healthcare projects...

By Pavithra Rao 19 Sep 2017

Positive news for MS sufferers with hopes of becoming parents

Multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferers should not be discouraged from having families, as the view on the prospect of women with MS, carrying pregnancies to term, is shifting...

Issued by Cipla 18 Sep 2017

Why the path to longer and healthier lives for all Africans is within reach

There is huge diversity within and across the 49 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The challenges these countries face in achieving health outcomes that are at par with low and middle income countries in other regions of the world are numerous and diverse...

By Alex Ezeh, Nelson Sewankambo and Peter Piot 18 Sep 2017

What is the real cost of NHI?

The true cost of the NHI, and how government will fund it, are two details on which South Africans have no clarity...

By Martin van Staden 14 Sep 2017

KZN gets ultimatum to fix health crisis

The KZN Department of Health has been ordered to sort out the ongoing healthcare crisis in the province...

By Nicci Botha 11 Sep 2017

'Cyberchondria' costs the UK health service £56m a year

Health anxiety, also known as hypochondria, cost the British healthcare system around £56m a year, researchers said, blaming the internet for a rise in "cyberchondria"...

11 Sep 2017

Fort Hare nursing students may be barred for the year

Less than 10 of more than 350 Fort Hare nursing students kicked out for protesting brought their parents to the university...

5 Sep 2017

Looking at mediation to resolve medico-legal disputes

More appropriate forms of dispute resolution between patients and healthcare providers need to be implemented to reverse the medico-legal crisis playing out in South Africa...

4 Sep 2017

Public backs tax on sugary drinks and junk food

Support for the sugar tax has grown in recent months, with a recent survey showing three out of four adult South Africans believe that the government is doing the right thing...

4 Sep 2017

Waiting to inhale: Radiation and living near mines

Johannesburg and Soweto residents are living on a health time bomb, thanks to one of the largest mine-produced and naturally occurring concentrations of uranium...

1 Sep 2017

Just in Case campaign putting safety first

An interactive safety education campaign is to be rolled out by Bonitas Medical Fund to 43,000 leaners at 67 schools across South Africa...

Issued by Bonitas 31 Aug 2017

Cost containment and quality healthcare need not be mutually exclusive

The South African healthcare system is in transition as we move towards the implementation of National Health Insurance. There is considerable opportunity for securing a brighter healthcare future for all...

By Mark Arnold 30 Aug 2017

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Global genetic study involving different populations sheds light on glaucoma

Glaucoma is a group of diseases that damage the eye's optic nerve and results in vision loss and irreversible blindness in some people. The diseases usually occur on their own but when they are caused by other conditions they are known as secondary glaucoma.

By Susan Williams, Michèle Ramsay 4 Sep 2017

Study: Few nations see beyond hunger in fighting malnutrition

Food alone cannot solve the world's malnutrition crises but only three countries are looking beyond hunger to the other major driver, according to a global study released on Thursday.

By Matthew Ponsford 28 Aug 2017

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